Can’t get motivated to go to Pottruck? Stuck at home? Try working out with a buddy to decrease the chances of you choosing sleep over exercise—we know, it's tempting. 

Mix it up by adding bursts of cardio in between, such as a minute of jumping jacks or high–knees to get your heart racing. Repeat as many times as both of you can manage, and don’t forget to warm up before and cool down after with a light jog, jumping rope, and/or stretching. When you’re both sore the next day, you can hate me together (then thank me later).

Burpee Jumps Over Plank

· Partner A holds a forearm plank with Partner B standing to one side of Partner A.

· Partner B completes a full burpee (lowers to the ground, does a push–up, then rises) and jumps over Partner A to do a burpee on the other side. 

· Switch positions after 10 reps of burpees.

Triceps Stability Ball Pass

· Using a stability or medicine ball, Partner A holds the medicine ball overhead with bent arms—elbows pointed to the ceiling. Partner B lies on their back with their head near Partner A’s feet and grasps Partner A’s ankles.

· Partner A lifts ball, keeping elbows close to ears, while Partner B lifts legs towards the ceiling. Partner A leans forward to place the ball securely between Partner B’s feet.

· Partner B, holding the medicine ball between feet, lowers their legs to the floor, then lifts it back up for Partner A to repeat triceps motion.

· Switch positions after 20 reps.

Squat with Rotational Med-Ball Passes

· Get into a back-to-back position with your partner. 

· Lower into a squat position (with room between you and your partner so that your backs aren’t touching), with your back straight and your kneecaps just over the top of your feet. 

· Hold a medicine ball at chest-level and rotate your torso to the right side to pass to your partner. Your partner then rotates to the other side to pass the ball back to you. 

· Change directions after 10—15 reps each.

Modification: Want more core? Instead of being back–to–back while squatting, sit on the ground, back-to-back with your knees bent. Each of you lean backwards at a 30 to 45 degree angle and raise your legs a few inches off the floor. Then do step three.

Wheelbarrow Push-up

· Partner A, while in a squat position, holds Partner B’s ankles on top of their thighs (think holding a wheelbarrow) while Partner B is in a high plank position. 

· Once both people are stable, Partner B’s ankles should be balanced around Partner A’s hips without being held. 

· Partner B does regular push–ups. 

· Switch positions after 10—15 reps of push-ups.

Squat and Leg Lifts

· Partner A stands at the top of the mat. Partner B lies on their back with their head near Partner A’s feet and grasps Partner A’s ankles. 

· Partner B lifts both legs (straight) in a smooth motion from the floor towards Partner A, who will then gently push them away. 

· Every time Partner B’s legs lower towards the floor (without landing to rest on the floor), Partner A squats in place. 

· Switch positions after 15—20 reps.