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What to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Pet in College

How to decide if you are ready to invest in a furry friend.

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Charcoal is Suddenly in Tons of Beauty Products, Here's Why

The only kind of coal you’d want for Christmas. Or any day, really.


I Tried—and Failed—to Get a Pizza at Pizzeria Beddia in its Final Week

Forty pies a day, at least a three–hour wait; may the odds be ever in your favor.


Stay Warmer Longer This Winter

Some clothing pointers for surviving the January frigidity.


Taking Care of Your Skin This Midterm Season

How stress—and milk—may be contributing to your mid–semester acne.

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Are Meal Kit Delivery Services for You?

A closer look at the meal prep trend happening now in kitchens near you.

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Freshman Hack: Pimp Your Easy Mac

Too Gouda be true.


Relaxing Remedies for Hungover Skin

Like a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, but for your face

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The 'Healthiest' Types of Alcohol, Ranked

There's more to drinking than you might think.


The Easiest Edibles Recipes

Don’t try this at home (if home is a place where marijuana is illegal).


The Real Cost of Being MERTed

How the mythical price tag associated with MERT discourages people from calling.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Level of Relationship

How to have the right gift for any occasion, from a DFMO to a date.


My Not–So–Strange Addiction: Tattoos and Piercings

Some Penn students aren't afraid of commitment after all.


Overbaked: Breaking Down Weed Hangovers

Too high? Can’t come down? Street's got you covered.


Packing Tips for a Stress–Free Spring Break

Please, don't be that person who forgets all their socks.


Budget Versions of Your Favorite High–End Make–Up

 Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank.


'Just Salad' Now Open on Spruce

It's more than just salad.


Subscription Boxes: The Gift That Literally Keeps on Giving

Make your love last with themed subscription gift boxes.


Fad Diets—Do You Buy It?

A closer look at the real health effects of three trending diets

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Fur in Fashion: What's Fact, What's Fiction

The ethics within the fur industry are not as simple as they may seem.


Don’t Miss Penn Fashion Week

Welcome to the retail industry: party in the front, business in the back.


Double Knot and High Street on Market Coming to Penn Food Hall

34th and Walnut just got two new fast–casual joints. 

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Philly's Best Warm Desserts

For when ice cream isn't cutting it anymore.


We Ate at Every Restaurant at Franklin's Table

Your go–to guide to Penn's new food hall


All You Can Taste at Philly’s Wine, Cheese, and Beer Festival

It’s for a good cause, so wine not?

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Snappy Attire for Your Winter Job Interviews

Gender–neutral winterview attire tips for all you go–getters.

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Waking Up for Your 9 a.m. with Ease

A Penn Med professor weighs in with advice for early rising.

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