Heads up, my dudes—Friday, June 1st marks the 80th annual National Donut Day. Keen on celebrating the rapturous glory that is fried flour dough and frosting? Street’s whipped up this handy–dandy Donut Day guide for all you lucky folks in Philly this summer, with all the deets and deals to prepare you for an a–glaze–ing time. Don’t miss out.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Ahh, the Old Faithful of the deep–fried dessert industry, where you can get a free donut with the purchase of any beverage at all locations. The offer’s open until supplies last. What’s a nice Friday without some iced coffee and a chocolate glazed? 

Try: can’t go wrong with the classics ($0.95)

Where: multiple locations in UCity, Center City, etc.

Federal Donuts

Philly’s favorite fried chicken and donut joint will revive six retired flavors for the holiday! This is the biggest comeback since the late David Bowie dropped The Next Day in 2013. Don't miss the chance to try the Milk Chocolate Sea Salt, S’mores, Lemon Ricotta, Blueberry Pancake, French Toast, and Churro donuts. 

Try: pair a throwback flavor ($2.75) with some dry seasoned chicken ($10–$20)

Where: multiple locations in UCity, Center City, etc.

Factory Donuts

If made–to–order cake donuts are your jam, hit up Factory Donuts for not one, but TWO free treats. Plus, a couple local radio hosts will be making their appearances, although D–list celebrity simply can’t measure up to their Blueberry Bake (of which Street's heard exclusively good things). It’s a decent commute away from campus, but y’know, free donuts.

Try: Blueberry Bake, French Toast

Where: 7114 Frankford Avenue

Papa John’s Pizza

What’s a national pizza chain doing on a list of donut shops? Fact is, America’s favorite mid–tier pie joint is dishing up more than deep–dish (disclaimer: Papa John’s doesn’t actually sell deep–dish pizza, it was just an on–theme play on words)—they’ll be hitting up donut holes this Friday. Game changer.

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Try: the donut holes, obvi!

Where: 104 S 40th St

No special deals otherwise, but check out Dottie’s Donuts (509 S 6th St.) for some vegan munchies, the Frannoli—a heaven–sanctioned donut and cannoli crossover—from Frangelli’s Bakery (847 West Ritner St.), or donuts–on–wheels from vowel–less dessert truck Undrgrnd Donuts. Also, Beiler’s Doughnuts is always there for you, often in ways that people aren’t. Have a safe and scrumptious National Donut Day, America.