It’s always distressing to go on Netflix in search of that movie you know was on there just last week, only to find that it disappeared. Here’s a little warning for you on upcoming expiration dates—and, just in case you miss them, some alternatives that (heads up!) were just added to the Netflix catalog.

Changeling—Leaving July 16th

You don’t have much time to catch this film, but we suggest you do if you’re in the mood for something a bit more dramatic—Changeling is just that. A changeling is a child given by fairies to a parent, in exchange for their real child. While there are no fairies in this movie, the LA Police Department gives Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) what she insists is the wrong boy after she loses her son. Criticized and institutionalized for her claims, she is contacted by a reverend (John Malkovich) who reaches out to help her, believing they can expose the corruption of the LAPD and free her. Partly based on the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders of the 1920s, the movie also shows the investigation and trial regarding the murders of 20 children, one of whom could be Christine’s son. It’s an intense watch, so be prepared.

When it’s gone, watch: Blue Jasmine

Wanted—Leaving July 16th

We promise it’s not on purpose, but this one’s another Angelina Jolie film. Also starring James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman, Wanted is about a bored office drone named Wesley, who gets swept up in the life of an assassin when he learns that his father’s killer is out to get him. Jolie’s character, Fox, helps train Wesley and recruits him into a secret society of assassins called the Fraternity. An exciting action film, this movie will keep you on your toes, especially with the many plot twists that come later. We won’t spoil them for you—you better watch this.

When it’s gone, watch: Get Smart

A Cinderella Story—Leaving July 30th

Starring the relatable Hilary Duff and the dateable Chad Michael Murray, this movie is the modern fairytale. Sam, a teenage waitress on roller skates working for her gold digging stepmom, is not only tormented by her stepsisters, but also ridiculed by the high­–school it– girl Shelby for working at a diner. Somehow, she has a texting pen pal whom she confides in, who happens to be the most popular boy in school (and Shelby’s ex­–boyfriend), Austin. If you’ve suspended your disbelief so far, you’ll find that A Cinderella Story is actually a lot of fun to watch when you just want something cheesy and feel–good that’ll make you laugh, too. Definitely catch this before it leaves at the end of the month, even if Sam’s dream is to attend Princeton and not Penn. If you need any proof that this movie is a hit, just take a look at the three sequels that have spawned since its making: Another Cinderella Story, A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, and A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits

When it’s gone, watch: The Princess Diaries

Finding Dory—Leaving August 1st

With Disney pulling its contract with Netflix, all Disney movies are scheduled to be leaving 18 months after their original Netflix arrival. Sadly, Finding Dory will be taking its leave next month. The Finding Nemo sequel took 13 years to find its way into theaters, and the wait was definitely worth it. Dory goes on a mission to find her parents, from whom she was separated at an early age. Full of fun new characters who lend Dory a fin as she looks into her past, this movie will make you laugh and cry—much like other Disney/Pixar productions such as the ugly–cry–inducing Up

When it’s gone, watch: Moana  


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