I’ll be the first to admit, I’m extremely lazy. Usually I set two alarms in the morning—one that would give me enough time to do my hair, makeup, and pick out a presentable outfit, and the alarm that I actually listen to that has me sprinting to class straight out of bed. That being said, I’m a huge fan of anything that can cut down on my beauty routine. 

I recently complimented a friend on her amazing eyelashes and she responded, “Thanks, but they’re extensions.” The first thing that comes to mind when I think of fake lashes are those unfortunate strip lashes that look slightly too intense and usually have some glue residue peeping out. But her lashes looked completely full and natural. I had to learn more. 

After doing some research, I booked my appointment at LashBee on 12th and Walnut. Getting the extensions applied is by no means a quick process. First, you look at a variety of lash styles and decide which one is for you—from huge Kardashian–style lashes to a natural enhancement. I decided on a very natural, cat–eye look, which I was told would compliment my eye shape. 

Then, the technician had to individually glue up to 140 extensions to your natural lashes one by one. For me, this took about two hours. But I must admit, it was extremely relaxing. I laid down on a bed, closed my eyes, and took a much–needed nap. When I woke up, I got to admire my new eyelashes.

I was amazed by how natural they looked and how they managed to brighten up my face. I thanked my technician and was told I would have to come back every two to three weeks if I wanted to maintain the full look. The extensions fall out with your natural lashes, so you eventually lose all of them. It's been two weeks now, and my lashes are holding up extremely well. Even though there are a few gaps, the effect is still there. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed waking up and already feeling put together. Oftentimes, I don’t wear makeup at all. I constantly get compliments on my lashes, but I, like my friend, always feel a need to admit they’re not real. 

But that’s not to say extensions don’t have some major drawbacks. First of all, they’re extremely expensive. A full set usually runs about $75–$200 depending on what salon you go to. The fills every few weeks will put you back about $50. Being a Groupon enthusiast, I always look for the best deal, but it still adds up. 

Another con is that you’ll have to be much more careful around your eyes. You may not need mascara anymore, but most eye makeup is discouraged. You have to avoid rubbing your eyes, sleeping on them, and getting them too wet—things I have to constantly remind myself of. 

I'm probably not going to add eyelash extensions to my regular routine due to the price tag. But I must admit, getting to press the snooze button and still look Locust–ready was nice while it lasted.