Every Penn student knows about the classic convenience store on the corner of 38th and Spruce Streets. Whether it’s a late night stop after a long night of frat parties to grab some sustenance or a morning trip for $1 coffee before class, Wawa has been a student hotspot for a long time now. However, while the quaint corner has been the go–to place for a long time, the chain has just expanded, recently opening up its largest Philly store on 34th and Market Streets. And let me just say that this is not your average Wawa.

Upon arriving at the store located on 3300 Market Street, I immediately noticed the soft white lighting and floor–to–ceiling windows, lending it a surprisingly sophisticated ambiance. The new storefront has a sit–down dining location in the store, with booths and tables along the walls for you and your friends to enjoy your hoagies and mac 'n' cheese in comfort. There are even outlets along the walls that make the store feel more like a cafe where you can study and relax. 

Not only does the new store up the ambiance of the classic Wawa, but the menu is even more diverse compared to the Spruce Street location. From different types of sandwiches to a whole new variety of drinks and snacks, here are some of the many bites that you can’t grab at the classic campus Wawa.

Photo: Hoyt Gong

Flatbread Sandwiches

Looking to jazz up your usual flatbread? Well you’re in luck. The newest Wawa has introduced new variations of the popular sandwich with three new styles: Santa Fe Chicken, Chicken Club, and Spicy Sriracha Turkey. These flatbreads bring a whole new level of flavor without the expensive price of the typical flatbread found around other campus restaurants. 

Coffees, Lattes, and Macchiatos

Wawa is known for its cheap and diverse selection of coffee, but the Market Street Wawa takes their espresso game to the next level. Feeling up for a beverage that will satisfy your sweet tooth, but also give you the boost of energy mid–day? Try out the White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Macchiato, inspired by a Wawa associate. Being so close to Drexel’s campus, the location also has a Dragon inspired drink with the “Dragon Double Shot” Latte, a location–exclusive, caramel latte that is both salty and sweet with two shots to satisfy your caffeine addiction. They even offer almond milk to make any drink dairy–free!


While the Spruce Wawa has pre–made salads that help you get your leafy greens on the go, the new Market Wawa lets you make your own. These custom salads lend the feeling of dining at a real restaurant rather than a convenience store. If you're a health nut, you can also make a “Lighter Style” salad with their range of healthy, low–cal toppings.

Mashed Potato Recipes

At the Spruce Wawa, you can find mashed potatoes under the "soups, sides, and more" section, but at the new Wawa, mashed potatoes have been given their own section with new and improved recipes. Options include Buffalo Chicken Bacon, Chicken Bacon Ranch, or Garlic Parmesan with Chicken or Meatballs.

Grilled Chicken

Chicken sandwiches are a classic Wawa item, but if you aren’t feeling something breaded or fried, the new Wawa has you covered. Either in typical Wawa hoagie form or as a normal sandwich, the Market Wawa has grilled chicken with different sauces such as Sriracha, Honey Mustard, BBQ, and Buffalo, so that you can enjoy your protein without all the extra carbs and sodium.


Want to try the new items but not feeling up for the walk to 34th and Market? You’re in luck! The new Wawa now delivers through Grubhub and UberEats. 

This upgraded version of Wawa is not one to miss. You definitely will want to check out the chain’s newest Philly opening in person. Run, don't walk.