We get it—you’re tired of grabbing the same breakfast from Pret a Manger, picking from the same sad lunch options at Hill, and spending extra on guac during too many dinners at Chipotle. Take a much needed break from this routine with a trip to South Philly—or rather, the rest of the world. 

Ready your appetites and metaphorical passports, because St. Thomas Aquinas School is hosting the South Philly International Food Festival on Saturday, Oct. 20. Sponsored by the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic parish, Aquinas Center, and Modero & Company, this inaugural event combines international offerings from over 40 different food vendors with live music, crafts, and giveaways to celebrate diversity. The event aims to showcase the different ethnic backgrounds and cultures that make South Philly one of the richest and most vibrant Philadelphia neighborhoods. 

Courtesy of Modero and Mata Independent

According to Sinta Storms, the founder of event sponsor Modero & Company, “probably every continent will be represented” through flavors authentic to each region and South Philly’s multicultural identity. In other words, the food served at the South Philly International Food Festival won’t necessarily be presented like a tasting course at a Michelin Star restaurant. But, it will be equally delicious and even more meaningful, due to love and care peppered into every regionally–flavored bite.

Food is a great convener,” says Bethany Welch, the executive director of the Aquinas Center. With that in mind, the hope of this event is to bridge the gulf between different racial and ethnic groups over bites of Indonesian satay and spoonfuls of Haitian poulet creole. If you’re the type of person who loves to try new food but hates being the person at a restaurant who asks the waiter “what’s good on the menu?", the South Philly international food festival is perfect. Its positive vibes and appetizer–sized offerings will allow you to discover your new favorite food in a fun atmosphere.

Courtesy of Modero and Mata Independent

An added bonus? The South Philly International Food Festival will also feature live music and sweepstakes. Look out for Latin dance troupes performing salsa and meringue, face painting, and the chance to win "your very own DJ for a night."

So, skip the trek to your favorite BYO spot this weekend and take a trip to South Philly. Bonus points to whomever tries one of everything.

Courtesy of Modero and Mata Independent


The South Philly International Food Festival 

Date: Oct. 20: 11 a.m - 3 p.m 

Location: St. Thomas Aquinas School | 1719 Morris Street

Special Details: Admission: free | Cost of food varies