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Beatrice Forman


Taco Taco Mexican Picks Up Where Honest Tom's Left Off

The new joint returns to the campus favorite’s roots, with carnivorous options and larger portions. 

Pizzeria Beddia is Back, And It’s Like It Never Left

With the quiet confidence of a Philadelphia institution, the new location serves up the same pies in a friendlier space.

Dock Street South is Special in Its Simplicity

This new location of a West Philly favorite heads in a different direction.

Artist of the Week: Elephante

Learn how this Harvard grad turned DJ went from making Powerpoints to playing arenas.

The Standout Performances of Made In America 2019

From Lizzo in an all–denim fit to DaBaby's many guests, there was no shortage of surprises at this year’s festival. 

Main Line Favorite Bryn + Dane’s Takes Center City By Storm

They’re serving up goodness and green juice, one cup and bowl at a time.

New York City Center’s “Working: A Musical” Gives Voice to America’s Hidden Heroes

 The limited edition musical profiles a school teacher, a waitress, and a housewife with the care of a New York Times profile. 

The Supreme Court's Ruling on Rap as Free Speech

 Violating the First Amendment, the Supreme Court wants to strip rap of its artistic value. 

Penn 10: Vivian Dai

Computer science, Penn's service frat—Vivian does it all, but she wants you to quit. 

Who Runs The Music Industry? Google, Potentially

Street breaks down what could could possibly be the music industry's biggest merger.

On 'Cuz I Love You', Lizzo Turns Positivity into the Pop Album of the Year

 With dynamic one–liners and and punchy rhythms, the singer’s third album feels like a pep–talk. 

Why Taylor Swift’s Latest Marketing Ploy Is Pointless

 As the singer teases a new era, fans clamor to define it.  

Artificial Intelligence has Infiltrated the Music Industry

And what it lacks in humanity, it makes up for in coded perfection.  

Circa Waves Sounds Like Summer on 'What’s It Like Over There'?

 From road trip tunes to bonfire acoustics, this album has it all.  

Sky Ferreira Promises Unadulterated Authenticity on Upcoming Album

 The princess of sad–girl pop is back, and she wants to reclaim her crown. 

Sky Ferreira Promises Unadulterated Authenticity on Upcoming Album

 The princess of sad–girl pop is back, and she wants to reclaim her crown. 

The Best Summer Anthems of the 21st Century, So Far

Ranking the sounds of our summers.

After Releasing Her Debut Album, Billie Eilish Still Belongs To Teenage Girls

On 'WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?' Eilish sounds exactly like the quirky 17–year–old we wish we were.

Sad Summer Fest is Here—And It’s Warped Tour Reincarnated

 Whip out your band tees and black eyeliner. It’s emo season.  

Four Donut Shops. Two Hours. One Tour.

The Underground Donut Tour rebrands Philly as the “City of Donutterly Love”  
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