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Beatrice Forman


Letter from the Editor 10.05.2021

On appearances, making Instagram casual again, and being the main character

State Senator Nikil Saval’s Electoral District: In Food and Photos

Street asked State Sen. Saval what South Philly restaurants matter most to him. The answer lies in tapioca dumplings, enchiladas, and lots of worker solidarity.

La Chinesca: A Mexican–Chinese Restaurant that's Somehow Both and Neither

This Spring Arts fusion concept is a manifestation of what happens when we toe the line between cultural appropriation and appreciation.

Letter from the Editor 09.21.2021

On loving feelings, begging for your ex to take you back, and Mitski

Letter from the Editor 09.14.2021

On soft launches, secret pleasures, and letting yourself be happy

Letter from the Editor on 09.07.2021

On parasocial relationships, Taylor Swift, and the durability of obsession.

Letter from the Editor 08.31.2021

On breakups, breaking bad habits, and self–renewal

Meet the Penn Grad Representing Penn Students in the State House

Street checks in with State Rep. Rick Krajewski seven months after his first day in office. His biggest lesson on the job? Change takes time.

Penn 10: Amanpreet Singh

The former Street writer reflects on trans inclusion, University politics, and loving the cliches of the Penn experience.

Letter from the Editor 04.29.2021

On change, boybands, and seeing the glass half full

Ego of the Week: Tamsyn Brann

Meet Street’s former editor–in–chief, who doubles as a science writer and dedicated David Bowie stan.

Letter from the Editor 04.22.2021

On burnout, student journalism, and the need for boundaries

Letter from the Editor 04.08.2021

On self–criticism, unbalanced friendships, and learning to take no bullshit.

Letter from the Editor 04.01.2021

On procrastination, self–soothing, and finding comfort in the little things.

Meet Middle Child, A Deli Where Justice is On the Menu

Middle Child owner Matt Cahn never set out to be an activist. Yet his sandwich shop is shaking up the food industry.

Letter from the Editor 03.18.2021

On a year of coronavirus, Tana Mongeau, and being selfish

Letter from the Editor 03.06.2021

On coming–of–age tales, growing older, and longing for 16

Letter from the Editor 02.22.2021

On waiting, and waiting some more, and waiting again.

Letter from the Editor 02.18.2021

On Taylor Swift, my first kiss, and becoming a curmudgeon

69th Street: Stop Hating Yourself for Being Needy

In this edition, Street Editor-in-Chief Beatrice Forman learns how to embrace her clinginess.
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