Ah, Halloween. For kids, it’s a time of year for costumes and revelry in the neighborhood, as they waltz door–to–door “frightening” poor neighbors for candies with their fearsome attire. At Penn, it’s a different story—it’s a time to party despite having a month full of midterms. The ragers rage and scaries scare into the night for the gargantuan celebration that is Halloweekend. It’s fitting that one listens to the terrifying, tantalizing music made in honor of our spooky sides during this time of year while considering outfits for a week of celebrations. There is an assortment of monster–themed classics (“Monster Mash” comes to mind) as well as a wide array of songs that evoke our inner darkness that howls into the night. Here are our top picks to help you get in a spooky mode for fright season:


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