Midterms got you down? Having a quarter–life crisis? Or just want a new piercing or tattoo? Here are some studios to check out in both Center City and on Penn's campus, so that you can change up your fall look. 

Hunter Gatherer Tattoo & Piercing

Address: 4510 Walnut Street

Price Range: $$

Located at 45th and Walnut, Hunter Gatherer Tattoo & Piercing immediately offers a warm and relaxed vibe. The walls are covered in unique artwork and designs, showcasing the staff’s incredible talent and creativity. The shop offers custom tattoos and a wide range of body piercings at a reasonable price. 
“You want your tattoo to be unique or custom for yourself,” says Dana Jones, a tattoo artist at Hunter Gatherer. Whether you're getting something small or a large piece that takes several sessions to complete, the artists works with you to come up with something original and personal. Attracting customers from Penn, Drexel, and Temple, the shop sees lots of college students. Hunter Gatherer is a great place for first–timers—customers get to celebrate the momentous occasion by ringing the notorious first time tattoo bell at the center of the shop.    

Everlasting Art Tattoo Studio:

Address: 4308 Pine Street

Price Range: $$

Serving the community for the past 22 years, Everlasting Art Tattoo Studio has made its mark on Penn students and West Philadelphia. The studio is well acquainted with universities in the area, approximating that 70 percent of its customers are college students. Everlasting offers tattoos, starting at $60, and body piercings. They always welcome their customer’s ideas and take the time to formulate and execute your vision. The studio is great about customers bringing their friends along for moral support, whether you're a first–timer or a seasoned veteran. Walk ins are welcome. 

Infinite Body Piercing

Address: 626 S 4th St

Price Range: $$

If you are willing to make the trek downtown, Infinite Body Piercing offers professional services that meet high expectations. They offer every kind of body piercing imaginable and with photos of their work available on their website. Pricing starts at $20 for the service and $26 for the jewelry for ear piercings, but the prices do vary based on location and jewelry. The piercing technicians give clients lots of information about aftercare to prevent infection and are eager to answer any questions. For those looking to add to their current inventory of piercing accessories, Infinite also offers a large array of body jewelry in their store.