As someone always looking for different ways to stumble upon new artists, I’ve experimented with a bunch of different platforms to do so, from Spotify’s somewhat disappointing “Made for You” playlists to NPR’s classic Tiny Desk Concerts. Finding the YouTube channel COLORS was like discovering a hidden gem that not only expanded my musical palette by introducing me to up–and–coming artists, but also engaged my visual senses in a way that I had never experienced before.  Driven by their motto, “all COLORS, no genres,” COLORS is a YouTube channel based in Berlin, Germany that showcases performances of artists from different genres in an aesthetically pleasing space that matches their vibe with associated colors. I’ve narrowed down seven of my favorite performances from hundreds of videos to get you started:

James Vickery, "Until Morning"

When James Vickery’s high–pitched, soulful voice first pierces your ears, you definitely don’t picture it coming from a commandingly tall white man wearing a bright red sweater. His performance is total magic and filled with moments that give you goose bumps.

Joy Crookes, "Mother May I Sleep With Danger?"

Joy Crookes’ smooth voice has a mesmerizing effect that reaches any audience, including her own guitar accompanist in this video. Her performance is paired with orange and brown tones, which perfectly compliment the South London artist’s older soul, with a voice compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse.

EarthGang, "Up"

Once you see the bright green backdrop of this video, you know the performance is going to be nothing short of lit. This Atlanta duo raps with energy that transcends through the screen, giving you a visual representation of what musical passion looks like. Not to mention, their outfits are pretty spunky.

Cleo Sol, "Why Don't You"

Cleo Sol’s chill, laid–back presence makes her easily adored in a performance filled with different hues of orange. She easily flows through her single “Why Don’t You,” delivering a calming R&B vibe complimented by string and woodwind instrumentals. The way she comfortably interacts with her body makes her more in tune with her voice.

Sofi Tukker, "Drinkee"

This COLORS video is more edited than most, with cuts that emphasize Sofi Tukker’s funky beats. “Drinkee” is engaging both musically and visually, as the duo uses a combination of voices and electronic sound machines to produce a compelling dance pop piece. They perfectly work together, catching each other's beats and rhythms.

Eddy de Pretto, "Random"

Even if you don’t understand French, Eddy de Pretto’s spitting of French rap allows you to appreciate the language as a combination of sounds, woven together with a modern instrumental track. The way he bounces to his own music brings a whole different level to his energetic performance.

MTMBO, "The Hill"

As soon as the song starts, MTMBO’s voice immerses you into a trance–like state, making you want to close your eyes and just listen. Watching him play the keyboard in a room full of cool tones puts you in a calm state you never want to leave.

What's not to love about artists performing in a colorful space that reflects their personal style? The next time you find yourself playing the same playlist or album on repeat, head on over to the COLORS YouTube channel to explore some new artists you’re definitely going to get hooked on!


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