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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor 02.27.2019

We all need a little breathing room.

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Photo: Anne Chen

At last week’s print production night, we got a text that sent the Daily Pennsylvanian office into shockwaves: Penn’s operations had been suspended for Wednesday, Feb. 20. Our first — and possibly only — snow day of the year was here.

I tried to be happy, and I was, to not have class, but I couldn’t help but clench my teeth at the thought of Street coming out a day late and inside the DP. (Side note: if you’re reading this letter, I really hope you picked up a copy last week too).  

That left me with a conundrum: all this time that I hadn’t planned for and wasn’t sure what to do with. I decided to hang out with some friends before they graduate, to take a nap, and to test the capacity of my space heater to not burn my house down.

It’s the same for break: as a chronically anxious person who kind of hates group travel, I decided to forgo big plans in favor of a weekend trip to New York City and catching up on some doctor’s appointments. 

That brings up that same concern: time. Now that I’ve got a bit of it, I’m not quite sure what to do. My friend Sabrina suggested I take up a hobby. I guess laundry is also a strong contender, and I haven’t vacuumed my room in what feels like years. I could do enough Wharton Behavioral Labs to afford the trip to Trader Joe’s I’ve been planning to take.

But I think what I really need is to just sit and decompress for a while. I’m lucky to have this time, and to be able to use it to step back from the hectic past few months. 

Whatever you’re doing over break, I hope you take some time to breathe too. And if you have a free second, subscribe to our newsletter: http://bit.ly/34sttoast


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