If you’re looking to take a step off campus, the Italian market is a guaranteed fresh food adventure. Here are some of the best locales, restaurants, and stores that this glorious place has to offer.


Entering the Italian Market, I notice an array of grocery stores. There are two primary grocery stores that feature the same kinds of goods available at a ShopRite or Wegmans. The highlights are the more focused ones. There is a store dedicated to olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a tasting section included. There are two main butcher shops, as well as a fish shop in the market, with slabs of meat hanging from the windows. It's obvious that the food that can be purchased at these shops is fresh and of premium quality. The most enticing store is the cheese store, with endless cheese and wine scattered around the store. The aroma feels overwhelming in the best way possible and leaves my stomach grumbling as I continue to travel around the market. 


There are four main restaurants littered around the market, including one Tex–Mex place. The other places are a window–shop pizza restaurant called Lorenzo’s Pizza, a family–style Italian location, DeLuca’s Villa Di Roma, and an upscale, candlelit dinner place called  “Market on Ninth.” The food at the restaurant was made from fresh ingredients, with fast and service. 


The market begins to close up as it reaches 5 p.m., however, outside, the grocery store has stands for fresh vegetables, fruits, and other products. There are baskets upon baskets of green beans, zucchinis, apples, mangoes, and more. Across the street from the food stands is a range of stands filled with clothing items, children’s toys, and accessories. I was reminded of a Sunday market in Rome.  


The Italian Market is more than just food.  “Betty Ann’s Italian Market Florist” has an aroma of flowers emanating directly outside the door. There are coffee and chocolate shops on every corner, fully lit with a warmth that drew us in. Some of the shops include “Anthony’s Italian Coffee House,” "Anthony’s Chocolate House," and “RIM Cafe.” Beyond that, “Mister John’s Music,” is filled with children exploring their love of music. There is a happiness in the air surrounding the shops, complete with a hustle and bustle on the streets despite the 28—degree weather.  

Whether you’re visiting the market for grocery purposes or for a fresh bite to eat, there’s no reason you shouldn't be visiting the Italian market this spring semester.