With blocks upon blocks of eateries peppered on the street that serves as the beating heart of Philadelphia’s small business scene, you can’t go wrong with South Street. From juiceries to fast–casual joints to sit–down restaurants, this melting pot of a street has it all. 

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

Is Lorenzo’s gimmicky and touristy at times with its head–sized pizza slices? Yes. But is there anything better than smothering said slice in oregano and biting in on South Street? Probably not. Lorenzo’s ridiculously huge slices have been a South Street staple for several decades at the same location, and for good reason. The dough is neither too thick nor too thin, their blend of cheeses makes for a wonderful pull, and one slice will satisfy any hungry student after a long day of classes (or partying).

305 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Price: $

Federal Donuts

Since Federal Donuts is this city’s definitive fried chicken and donut joint, it’s only natural that they have a shop on South Street. With an expansive space and lots of tables to sit down and enjoy the retro decor, this FedNuts shop is worth a visit if you’re in the area and craving one of their fancy or classic donuts. While their fancy donut lineup changes regularly, a favorite of many is their Eagles green donut, which is the perfect companion to watching a Sunday night football game with friends. If you’re craving something warm to go with your morning coffee, their regular donuts coated in flavored sugar (cinnamon, strawberry, lavender) is the way to go. 

540 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19147

Price: $


With three locations in Philadelphia, Sip–N–Glo has rapidly become the city’s favorite juicery. Not only do they have healthy and flavorful cold–pressed juices—they also have great smoothie combinations, nut–butters, nut mixes, soups, and merch. Some fan favorite smoothies are Buzzed (made with coffee, almond butter, bananas, honey, cacao, and almond milk), which emulates a morning coffee while also filling you up, and Honey Love (made with spinach, greek yogurt, honey, bananas, cinnamon, coconut nectar, and almond milk), which is their classic green smoothie with a hint of sweetness. 

932 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19147

Price: $

Ants Pants Cafe

Whether you’re on the west or east side of South Street, you’ll always be just steps away from an Aussie–inspired brunch. Ants Pants has two locations on or just off of South Street, and both serve the same extensive and tasty menu. From their scrambles and hashes to their sandwiches and salads, it’s hard not to find something great on the menu. They do both sweet and savory really well, all accompanied by casual and relaxed vibes. 

2212 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19147 or 526 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia PA 19147

Price: $$

Alyan’s Restaurant

If you’re looking to eat like a local, Alyan’s is the place to do it. Their Middle Eastern menu is as authentic as it gets around here, filled with dishes that are rarely done well outside of the Middle East like shawarma, kibbe, and kebabs. The people are kind, the service is fast, and you won’t have to deal with the hordes of tourists on the other side of the street waiting hours for cheesesteaks.

603 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia PA 19147

Price: $

Honey’s Sit ’N Eat

Another brunch staple on the west side of South Street, Honey’s is beloved by locals and tourists alike for its friendly service and extensive Jewish–American–inspired menu. The food is hearty and comforting, featuring classic brunch dishes like Eggs Benedict and French Toast, and they even rework them to be vegan in some instances. Honey’s delivers the classic brunch feel while also innovating for the times. 

2101 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19146

Price: $$

Sweet Freedom Bakery

Classifying themselves as an allergy–friendly bakery, Sweet Freedom makes widely–loved baked goods for any diet. Their baked goods are gluten–free, vegan, soy–free, and kosher, making them a go–to in the city for anyone with severe allergies or dietary restrictions. They have all the classics: cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and loaves, all made with alternative ingredients that emulate well–known flavors. 

1424 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19146

Price: $

While this list is a start to listing all of what South Street has to offer, there are nearly 30 blocks of places to discover. Take a stroll and see what might become your new favorite restaurant.