Have you noticed the cooler weather? What about the changing leaves? These signs point to one thing: Halloween is almost here. While there are many fall events in Philadelphia to visit, there is one new and unique exhibition that is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. The Ghost Ship is a 90–foot, three–dimensional water and light installation that is currently "docked" in the Delaware River. It may only be lights and water, but it definitely looks like a haunted 18th–century vessel. 

The Delaware River boasts a unique history. This history is what inspired Biangle Studio—the artists behind the display—to create this piece. The ship is meant to reflect this river’s important role in history, creating Philadelphia as we know it. Being situated on a river was essential to the development of the city, and the boats that traveled on it brought important resources to the then–capital.

While there are a lot of ghost stories out there, one in particular is sure to make your visit just a little creepier. The Twenty–One Friends vessel, built in 1848, once collided with another ship while traveling from Georgia to Philadelphia. After the collision, the ship drifted back and forth across the Atlantic for two years, until it eventually landed in Ireland. Despite the crash and two full years adrift, none of the cargo on this ship was damaged. No living person was found on the ship.

The Ghost Ship installation will be on display through Nov. 3, and it's only a 15–20 minute ride from campus. You can see the Ghost Ship Wednesday through Sunday from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.—which is perfect, because the installation is only visible once the sun has set. 

Standing on the Race Street Pier might provide the best view of the creepy ship—it looks very realistic from this side angle as opposed to head on. Perhaps because of the windy weather, the way the installation was designed, or maybe an even spookier reason—the ship even seems to move. 

To complement the experience, River Beer Garden at Race Street Pier will be there providing tap beers and fall–themed foods. Walk along the pier, sip some beer, enjoy the cold, and get in the spooky spirit.


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