On Oct. 19, Sabrina Claudio's warm and sultry vocals will fill the Fillmore Philadelphia just days after the release of her upcoming album, "Truth Is". A rising star, Sabrina Claudio makes music that feels like a sweet return to old school R&B. If her recent surprise EP release, with songs from the full album, “Truth Is” - The Short Collection is any indication of what she has in store for the rest of the album and tour, then listeners are in luck. 

“Truth Is” is more introspective, personal and raw than her previous works. “I will take your bullets even if it were you holding the gun” Sabrina Claudio sings as she dances in the desert, covered in blood, in her music video for “Holding the Gun.” Just before the video cuts out, she gazes into the camera and laughs eerily. 

In an interview with PAPER magazine, Sabrina Claudio explained that she didn’t want to show any violence in the video, but rather wanted the blood to symbolize “the loyalty and unbreakable bond between two people who are deeply in love.” She captures the phrase “ride or die” masterfully in just a three–and–a–half minute music video. She drives through in the remote desert in a classic red corvette in a 60s–inspired look; every element of the music video carefully considered and cinematic. 

“On My Shoulders” dives deeper into the darkness, opening with the lines “I’ve gone insane.” Equal parts dark and sensual, the music videos features three Sabrinas, two of which play the devils on her shoulder. The line between lust and obsession is blurred as the artist gives into the madness of love. The smooth peacefulness of her vocals and the instrumentals stand in stark contrast with the intensity of the lyrics. It’s visually and audibly compelling. 

The title track is equally captivating. Breathy and delicate, Sabrina croons about the love that lingers for an ex–lover. On this track, denial develops into painful honesty as her vocals become stronger and more confident. There’s no shying away from the feelings of fear and pain. Lingering love turns into jealousy on the last song of the release, “As You You’re Asleep.” It’s short, but serves as a fitting conclusion for the EP, leaving the listener in high anticipation for the full album. With just four tracks, Sabrina Claudio is able to capture the progression of falling deeply and madly in and out of love. 

Sabrina Claudio is exploring paradoxical ideas with this project. Light and tranquil vocals are paired with dark and tempestuous lines. Love is full of fear, pain, madness and conflict. There’s more beneath the surface of these love songs than you might get from a first listen. And if her darkly cinematic music videos are any indication, her upcoming performance in Philly will be a must–see.

More info and tickets for Sabrina Claudio's stop in Philadelphia are available here. 


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