You can't think about autumn without thinking about the changing of the leaves and chilly weather. However, inside your dorm, things probably look the same as usual, lacking much of the holiday cheer that characterized Halloweens and Thanksgivings spent at home. Don’t you want to bring some of the seasonal excitement indoors? Decorating a small space can be difficult, but here are some ways to spice up your dorm room for the holidays.

Autumnal Wreaths

What's a more classic holiday decoration than a wreath? Don’t wait for Christmas to hang yours up. There are plenty of options for autumnal wreaths filled with warm–colored leaves, pinecones, and twigs. Check out this one on Amazon that can easily be shipped to you at school, or channel your inner Martha Stewart and make your own. Hang it on the back of your door or closet, or place it above your desk. After all, fall leaves don't have to only be an outdoor phenomenon.

Mini Pumpkins

To many, pumpkins are the official fruit of the season. Tiny pumpkins are perfect for a dorm room. They're small enough to fit anywhere, but their presence still makes a statement. You should be able to find them at grocery stores this time of year, but you can also buy them on Amazon for greater convenience. Put them out as is, or paint the pumpkins for a fun roommate bonding activity. Looking for pumpkins that match your room's decor? Opt for classy white pumpkins or eclectic fabric pumpkins


Even though on–campus housing doesn't allow candles to be lit, you should still be able to enjoy all the comfort that a fall candle offers. Little else gets me in the mood for layering and cooler temperatures besides a whiff of an apple pie or pumpkin–scented candle. Opt for flameless LED candles to add some festive light to the room, or try out some fall room spray to emulate the scent that your favorite fall candle normally does.

Add a Cozy Fall Throw

With so many options on the market for an autumnal throw blanket, you should easily be able to find one that blends into the existing aesthetic of your room. By simply adding a blanket to the foot of your bed, you can infuse a seasonal spirit into your space. Check out this grid throw blanket from Target that comes in berry, navy, and green, depending on your color scheme preference. Or this blanket from Amazon, aptly named “Pumpkin.” There's also this classic plaid throw from Pottery Barn. Regardless of your vibe, each throw can add to the coziness of your dorm.


If you don’t love the idea of a wreath, an autumn garland is yet another way to bring fall leaves indoors and make your room more seasonal. Pottery Barn sells Autumnal Leaf String Lights, and Paper Source sells a Fall Felt Leaf Garland. In the same realm, these firefly string lights from Urban Outfitters will make your room feel a whole lot cozier on dark and gloomy days. Or, if you want an arts and crafts challenge for you and your roommate, you can even try making your own garland out of paper.

It can be hard to be away from home during the holidays, but there are certainly ways to make your dorm room feel homier. Embrace the new season with these decorations.


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