As a regular at the Dunkin’ on 40th, I couldn't help but realize on Nov. 1 that my cup said "FROSTIN’’ and was covered in printed snowflakes. It is safe to say that Dunkin' wasted no time in preparing for the holidays, and they followed up the themed cups by releasing their largest holiday menu yet. This menu includes four signature lattes which can be prepared hot or iced. Being the devoted customer that I am, I decided to try every new flavor. And no, the 30–degree wind chill did not stop me from grabbing an iced–coffee some mornings on the way to class. 

4. Holiday Eggnog Signature Latte

This latte comes in last place. It does a good job balancing the ratio of eggnog flavor to coffee flavor, but the consistency is off—it's thick in an odd way. This drink is sure to remind you of childhood holiday memories drinking eggnog, but the espresso throws it off. Don't order this one unless you're an extreme eggnog lover.

3. Toasted Gingerbread Signature Latte

This drink is very, very sweet—probably the sweetest on the menu. The flavor is subtle, so it doesn't distinctly taste of gingerbread; it seems to have more of a caramel flavor to it. This latte is good, but because it's too sugary and doesn't taste the way its name would suggest, it's ranked second to last.

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2. Merry Mocha Mint Signature Latte

This peppermint mocha drink is where thin mints meet coffee—with a few extra splashes of peppermint. Give this one a good stir or shake before you enjoy it, because the chocolate sinks to the bottom. This latte is great and has a quintessential holiday flavor. It returned from last year's menu, and it seems like they've perfected it. Still, this is probably not one that you could have every day.  

1. Frosted White Chocolate Signature Latte

I absolutely love this flavor. This drink is delicious, and it has the most coffee flavor out of all of the drinks. This latte is not overly sweet, but it has an understated taste of white chocolate in every sip. The drink is sure to comfort and warm you, without overwhelming the coffee itself. The taste of white chocolate pairs perfectly with the rich espresso and leaves you with a sense of holiday satisfaction.

If you’re like me and don’t want to commit to all the sugar calories that these signature lattes entail, there is a solution. For most drinks on the menu, it's possible to just add a flavor swirl of peppermint mocha, winter white chocolate, or gingerbread s’more (slightly different, but still effective). In my opinion, these add a slight amount of flavor without completely overpowering the coffee. 

In more exciting news, the Dunkin’ on 40th is offering drinks for only $2 in the afternoon from 2:00–6:00 p.m. until Dec. 31. The drinks included in this special are medium–sized lattes, americanos, and cappuccinos. With midterms just ending and finals right around the corner, this offer caters to our need for a cheap afternoon kick. Thank you, Dunkin'.


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