In a time of canceled concerts and postponed music festivals, artists and their producers have reacted differently to a world on lockdown. The response is mixed, with some artists delaying the release of their albums, and some holding concerts via Instagram live. Artists from all sides of the pop music spectrum have shown us just how much one can do working from home. 

Artists such as Troye Sivan and Charli XCX show that work from home also applies to musicians. They are making and releasing new music, while also providing constant entertainment on Instagram with lives and Zoom DJ sets. Elton John and Alicia Keys, have also participated in virtual concerts to provide in–home entertainment fo the masses, not to mention Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish. Still others, like Lindsay Lohan, have announced their return to music after an extended break—releasing comeback singles in the middle of the pandemic. 

Troye Sivan and Charli XCX show us that ingenuity thrives because of necessity. Sivan, instead of keeping his money within the music industry for a music video, decided to work with independent artists on the visuals for his latest single, "Take Yourself Home." In a similar way, Charli XCX has taken to working with both fans and frequent collaborators to produce her new album, tentatively titled How I'm Feeling Now, which is out May 15. Releasing her latest single "Forever," in real time to her fans, Charli is making the most of her quarantine. From previewing the instrumental to her fans to letting them pick the cover art, Charli XCX has provided her angels with much–needed entertainment as we ride out this pandemic. Also, she has just announced her next single, tentatively titled "Claws/I Like," and has once again allowed fans to pick the cover art.

Record labels have had to decide whether or not to release an album. Lady Gaga delayed her album release until the pandemic is over. However, she teased fans with the cover art for Chromatica. Meanwhile, Fiona Apple, who has been preparing the release of her album for at least eight years, has decided to go through with her April 17 release date.

On the other end of the pandemic spectrum is the musical mothman of Lindsay Lohan, who announced her return to music seemingly out of nowhere and has released her comeback single, "Back to Me." Her decision is bewildering in light of canceled tours and delayed album releases.

Artists have found myriad ways to provide entertainment to the quarantined masses in these uncertain times, which is crucial for relieving fans of boredom and reinvigorating the currently slumped economy. If there would be a time when entertainment is essential to our wellbeing, that time is now.


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