Maybe it’s because I was a clumsy kid—and still a bit of a clumsy adult—but I never quite understood the allure of stilettos, or any heels, really. It seemed as impossible as walking on stilts and an almost surefire way to face plant.

But what about those days when you want to feel powerful? When you want the sound of your footsteps to announce your presence? Enter chunky shoes. Whether you're rocking a tall platform or a wide base, a chunky sole seems like the perfect way to walk the walk without worrying about losing your balance. 

Plus, there’s an odd comfort to hearing the horse–like clacking of oversized soles hitting the floor as you walk. Is it really so wrong to want my feet to feel like hooves? Maybe a little. But either way, chunky shoes are here to stay. If you're trying to decide which style of footwear is best for you, here are a few recommendations that will help you hop on the chunky shoes bandwagon.

Dad Sneakers

Of course, the dad sneakers category is epitomized by the iconic FILA Disruptor IIs that took the internet by storm last year. Dad sneakers will have you feeling like you're walking on foam, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. But if they’re not quite your style, there’s still plenty of other chunky sneaker options out there that range from streetwear–chic to the e–girl aesthetic. 

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Chunky Loafers & Oxfords

For a more preppy take on the chunky shoes trend, try a menswear–inspired loafer or oxford. These kicks are versatile. Wearers can opt for a more casual style à la Emma Chamberlain or a more formal look. Pair them with fun socks for a pop of color, or with tights and a skirt for a cold–weather option.

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Mary Janes

If menswear isn’t your vibe and you’re on the lookout for a style that's a bit more feminine, try some platform Mary Janes instead. Trust me, these aren't the same old–school shoes your mother tried to dress you in as a child. In 2020, Mary Janes have taken on a new life. Wear them with jeans and a puff–sleeved top for a casual option, or a twirly dress for a more doll–like look.

Platform Boots

To keep the chunky shoes trend alive in the colder months, you can always opt for a pair of platform Dr. Martens or any other similar boot. You can juxtapose this edgy footwear with frilly socks, or go all–out with a harness like TikTok star Nava Rose did.

Whichever chunky shoe option you pick, you’ll know you made a comfortable and fashionable choice of footwear. Plus, the sound of your footsteps as you rock this trend will be sure to make an impression.


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