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Emily White


Letter from the Editor 01.18.2022

On pop culture, mystery novels, and inclusive journalism

As Performing Arts Groups Examine Their Histories, Progress Remains Uneven

While Penn Glee Club successfully merged with Sirens to improve gender equity, Mask and Wig still has work to do before calling itself an inclusive space.

American Vegan Center Opens in Old City

The center works to bring together history and delicious food—without animal cruelty.

Say Goodbye to Simple Makeup Looks With These Summer Beauty Trends

In the words of Katy Perry, these beginner–friendly summer–time looks are so hot, they'll melt your popsicle.

Nonnormative Body Club Brings Inclusive, Accessible Fitness to All Bodies

Founder Asher Freeman created an alternative, safe space for bodies that don't fit the 'ideal' standard of health and beauty.

Meet Unruly Patchouli, the Philly–Based Artist Who Creates Psychedelic Dreamscapes

The artist celebrates queer and fat bodies through everything from tattoos to earrings—and in doing so celebrates themself.

Meet Lua Beckman, the Artist Unfazed by Penn's Pre-Professionalism

The rising senior combines her interests in gender and cognitive science through painting to make art that's meaningful to her

Five Philly Ice Cream Shops to Try This Summer

Ice cream is a classic—but it doesn't have to be boring.

Behind Instagram and TikTok’s Censorship of Sex Workers

How the internet became an oasis for sex workers—and why that's rapidly changing.

Penn 10: Heta Patel

This Penn student bridges humanities and health care with a passion for translation and violence prevention.

PerfectTed: "Matcha So Pure That You Could Bathe in It"

These three Penn grads are revolutionizing on–the–go matcha while prioritizing sustainability and transparency.

Crust Vegan Bakery: "A Business Built on Beliefs"

This bakery was able to open a new storefront, keep paying its workers, and donate to local organizations during the pandemic. 

A Pandemic Within the Pandemic: The Rise of Digital Abuse During COVID–19

How the virtual era has created new forms of harm, and what Penn should be doing to address it

Angelina Moles (@fiercefatfemme) on the Journey to Fat Liberation

Angelina discusses her experiences with medical fatphobia, eating disorders, and self–acceptance.

The COVID–19 Talk: Dating Edition

Two students and a CAPS clinician talk about setting boundaries and facilitating open communication. 

Are Health Tracking Apps Actually Good for Your Health?

Poor app design may put your medical data and mental well–being at risk.

Did Beauty Brands Stick to Their Promises of Diversity?

Beauty brands made a lot of promises this summer. Did they actually keep them?

Knitting Isn't Just for Grandmas Anymore

How the quintessential “old lady hobby” became a quarantine coping mechanism for young adults

Why Are We Still Talking About Kamala Harris's Outfits?

Harris has made headlines multiple times for her “remarkably unremarkable fashion.” But why is this a topic of conversation in the first place?

Should You Trust "SkinTok"?

Coffee scrubs aren't all they're cracked up to be.
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