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Emily White


Penn 10: Ari Bortman

This engineer and climate activist has mastered the art of growing your knowledge without growing up.

Letter from the Editor 04.26.2022

On glossy paper, (not) sleeping in the office, and reimagining Street

Letter from the Editor 04.19.2022

On impostor syndrome, thank–you notes, and feeling like you belong

Ego of the Week: Beatrice Forman

Meet Street's former editor–in–chief, who excels at telling stories and fails at passing the Bechdel test.

Letter from the Editor 04.12.2022

On spring cleaning, isolation, and “glow up energy”

Letter from the Editor 04.05.2022

On tug–of–war, toxic habits, and lessons from geometry class

@cass_andthecity Puts Hidden Gems on the Map

The Philly–based TikToker reviews restaurants from neighborhoods all over the city, tackling issues of food justice

Letter from the Editor 03.22.2022

On St. Patty’s Day, the art of interviewing, and (re)finding the things you love

Letter from the Editor: 03.15.2022

On redecorating my childhood bedroom, reinventing myself, and unpredictability

Letter from the Editor 03.01.2022

On self–care, obsessive tendencies, and the difficulty of finding balance

Letter from the Editor 02.22.2022

On neighborhood bookstores, escapism, and the value of reading

Letter from the Editor 02.08.2022

On accountability, restorative justice, and reckoning with our past

Letter from the Editor 02.01.2022

On losing touch, accepting change, and being a bad friend

Letter from the Editor 01.25.2022

On pastel Tetris, packed schedules, and making time for ourselves

Letter from the Editor 01.18.2022

On pop culture, mystery novels, and inclusive journalism

As Performing Arts Groups Examine Their Histories, Progress Remains Uneven

While Penn Glee Club successfully merged with Sirens to improve gender equity, Mask and Wig still has work to do before calling itself an inclusive space.

American Vegan Center Opens in Old City

The center works to bring together history and delicious food—without animal cruelty.

Say Goodbye to Simple Makeup Looks With These Summer Beauty Trends

In the words of Katy Perry, these beginner–friendly summer–time looks are so hot, they'll melt your popsicle.

Nonnormative Body Club Brings Inclusive, Accessible Fitness to All Bodies

Founder Asher Freeman created an alternative, safe space for bodies that don't fit the 'ideal' standard of health and beauty.

Meet Unruly Patchouli, the Philly–Based Artist Who Creates Psychedelic Dreamscapes

The artist celebrates queer and fat bodies through everything from tattoos to earrings—and in doing so celebrates themself.
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