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Adley Zayan


Drink of the Week

Malbec Reserva Bodega Luigi Bosca 2004 Luj

Drink of the week

Beneluxx Tasting Room 33 S. 3rd Street (215) 413-1918 With its comical misspelling, Beneluxx Tasting Room is just one 'x' shy of being 'xxx'. Beneluxx is perfect for all your dating needs - after all, what could be more romantic than fondue, wine, cheese, beer and chocolate? Just let Cliff, the manager-cum-sommelier, take care of you and you are bound to score.

Drink of the week

Tria 123 S. 18th Street (215) 972-TRIA www.triacafe.com If you must choose one subject in which to beat the curve this semester, why not make it wine?

Pizze al fresco

Philadelphia's barren pizza scene has long needed some manna from heaven. For a city steeped in Italian heritage - not to mention red-and-white-checkered tablecloths - the lack of quality pizza is strange.

Sommelier's Corner

Styled after the Piedmontese Moscato d'Asti (Moscato from Asti), this spritely Australian white leaves little to the imagination.

Passing Marks

Every Sunday, Tria Caf‚ offers its divine triumvirate of wine, cheese and beer at 50% the normal price at its weekly Sunday School.

Sommelier's Corner

Teruzzi & Puthod "Terre di Tufi" 2005 - $15.99 Why not escape Philly and its Philistines with a tastefully titillating bottle of Tuscan white?

Sommelier's corner

Privada 2004, Bodega Norton, Argentina (Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon) $13.99 (down from $21.99) As Valentine's Day draws near, enophiles all over the land ponder which bottle to serve on the special night.

Brewmaster's Corner

The Super Bowl has certain rules that must be observed. Acolytes submit to the orgy of chili, wings and beer.

Sommelier's Corner

As you gobble your way through Restaurant Week, so must you guzzle your way through some appropriately refined wines.

Iffy inventiveness

You could be forgiven for thinking Gayle was a typical Philly BYOB. It is very small, very close to South Street and has a clientele of bohemian foodies and aspiring trendsetters.

Italian oasis

La Fontana opened in January to barely a whisper. With Amada deservedly capturing the rapturous praise and hoi polloi, La Fontana has quietly set about establishing itself as a neighborhood Italian restaurant.

Meet me at le bar

Upon entering Le Bec-Fin, and being led down a winding staircase away from the garish opulence of the main restaurant, I couldn't help but feel like a third-class passenger on the Titanic. This was shortlived, as the subterranean Bar Lyonnais is seductively plush, oozing with class and authenticity.

Riviera on the schuylkill

Highlights: Early Bird Special, 5:30-8:00 every night Romantic view of the Schuylkill Drawbacks: Dishes loaded with garnishes, and accompaniments often come up short on flavor. Bistro St.

Django in demand

Django is very in-demand right now, and one hears all sorts of horror stories about how long it takes to get a table.

Sipping in saigon

Time: While there is no set happy hour, Bar Saigon is open Friday and Saturday from 5- 10 p.m. Drink: The drinks in Bar Saigon are suitably gimmicky.

Mexican Food Ain't Pretty

Mexican cuisine is clearly designed to get diners uncomfortably full, and Taqueria La Veracruzana certainly fits the bill: the resulting doggie bag will be haunting me for weeks.

Italian Elegance

The format of Vetri's menu is instantly revealing. On the first page are about 10 permanent fixtures and on the second, a few more temporary ones contingent to season and to chef Mark Vetri's whims.

Top 3 Pieces of Japanese Sanitary Technology

The Japanese are renowned for their technological prowess, and it is little surprise that they have applied their acumen to personal hygiene.

Small-town philly

When I set off to Manayunk, it was with the perfunctory objective of getting to Jake's, sitting down to a bounteous brunch, and then getting the hell out.
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