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Alyssa Berlin


Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get to V Street?

It's on 19th. And it's v. easy, actually.

Herban Quality Eats

Good quality food at an affordable price may seem like an oxymoron for some. But for the guys at Herban Quality Eats, it’s their business model.     

#Streeeats: Black Forest Cake

Baking is a part of my identity, but it's also a part of my genes. My great-grandmother passed down her recipes to my grandmother, who handed them off to my mother, who is now teaching them to me.

Feel Like A Kid in A Candy Store Again...

Both a candy and chocolate person? This is definitely the store for you.

Word on the Street: Housing My Concerns

A pre–frosh recently asked me what my least favorite part of Penn is. My immediate answer was housing.

Charlie was a vegan

Sip, savor and forget that you're not having meat.

Liquid Lunch: Philly's best smoothies and Juices

Soylent three times a day definitely isn't for everyone. If you're still looking to drink your meals though, try these alternatives

Drink of the Week

Your green smoothie just got a whole lot fishier

Have Your Treats and Drink Them Too

This week, your magic bullet is your best friend.

Dining Dollar Dos

DON'T be a dining dollar dipshit. DO peep these tips.

Welcome Home!

A guide to how to throw your first housewarming party.

Spring Outfit Essentials: Piper Boutique

Thanksgivukkah Leftovers Mashup

The miracle of Thanksgivukkah will only last one day. Enjoy the amazing food combinations for eight crazy nights—or as long as the leftovers last.

Hit, Miss, Wild Card: Food Trucks

A guide to the ups and downs of your next food truck visit

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Make French Toast

Homemade banana bread goes French in the best breakfast you’ve had in a while.

The Dos and Don'ts of Frat Parties

Or how to survive a frat party without dying

Weird Food Words

Sound pretentious at your own risk.
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