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Andrea Trump


Take a Walk: Rittenhouse

1)500 Degrees (1504 Sansom) Get off your ass, put on your favorite spring playlist and walk across the Walnut Street bridge. Their special thing: Truffle oil.  Truffle items on the menu include truffle cheese and truffle oil as toppings, a truffle burger, and truffle fries. What we got: Humpty Dumpty burger ($8.50- Arugula, sunny side up egg, potato crisp, braised bacon), Classic burger with raw onion and a chocolate banana milkshake ($13- burger has cheese of your choice, bibb lettuce, tomato and your choice of one topping- mine was raw onion), Truffle fries ($4) Our experience: You have arrived at one of the best burger places ever.  Literally a guy bumped into me in there and instead of just saying “Sorry” he said “Sorry- it’s the best burger place in town, right?”  It’s a really busy place, but if you want to do this food route/picnic right you’re going to do take out anyways.  You can tell immediately by the menu that this is one of those fancy burger pl aces- lots of unique options, which does make it slightly more expensive than something like Bobby’s.
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