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Beth Falkof


3rd Annual Creative Writing Contest

This is the third annual literary contest, run by 34th Street in conjunction with Penn Review Literary Magazine. We received a high number of strong submissions this year in both poetry and prose.

Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown?

Chan, you disappoint. Excited by the prospect of witnessing the spectacle that is the usual Cat Power show/emotional breakdown, in the end all we were treated to was the standard live version of your CD concert.

Music: Waking Lips

"If only there were a land where cool but well-known bands could run free; garnering accolades from snobs and radio listeners alike.

Music: That's Just How the Story Goes

Belle and Sebastian's Storytelling soundtrack is replete with both upbeat ditties and introspective, instrumental ballads -- everything one would expect from the Glasgow-native seven-piece super group.

Beth's Corner: Mr. Deeds

Mr. Deeds was sooo funny. Adam Sandler is sooo funny in all of his movies. I love him. I have all his CDs.

An interview with Dressy Bessy's Rob Greene

If the '60s were now, and the Beach Boys and the Kinks shared members, and they had a girl for a lead singer, they'd be Dressy Bessy, of the Athens, Ga.

Streetscenes: He Wants to Ride His Bicycle

DONALD KLIPSTEIN "I do a little bit of almost everything except actually make the food, but mostly what I do is deliver.... I put the people's orders on the bicycle and ride the bike to where they are.... I really like riding bikes.

Streetscenes: Dig In

"As part of our community service activities for my professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, a group of us went out and decided to help out UC [University City] Green and plant a tree.... It involved some physical activity and seemed like fun, and it was definitely for a good cause [for the victims of September 11]... I think it was a good way to make West Philadelphia little bit nicer." "It was pretty simple--they wanted us to go to this training session but that wasn't really necessary 'cause they had all these people helping out on the block...." "... It was just a... square space next to this tree, just a bunch of dirt, and they gave us a bunch of shovels and they gave us soil and so we had to dig out the dirt that was there into a space that could fit the tree... [put] in the tree... and then basically fill up the remaining space with the soil and the dirt and then put woodchips on top." "I got to hang out with my fraternity brothers, and that's always a fun thing to do, and it got me physically active--I always like to be physically active.... It was nice to see a lot of people outside that early in the morning.... I'm used to getting up early, but no one else is around here I guess."

Streetscenes: In 3-D

Tasnim Beg, College Senior "It's... Three Dimensional Design class. We've been focusing on geometrical shapes and how different forms relate to each other because there are actually, like, relationships between the human body and the basic forms in life that have mathematical relationships Plato and Archemides figured out back in the day... the distance from your head to your feet divided by the distance from your belly button to your feet is always 1.168.... Root 2 and root 5 relate a lot of aspects of the human body, like the segments of your fingers compared to the length of your fingers..." "They were kind of like costumes and they were kind of themed around Halloween, but it wasn't a Halloween costume thing--it's just that she [Professor Elizabeth Doering] wanted us to be able to wear them to really see how they are related to the human body.... I decided to do wings because I wanted to make them flap.... They were usually really abstract.

Streetscenes: Music Man

"[I graduated high school] in 1968.... I played on John Cheney's first basketball team. Now he's in the hall of fame for Temple University, and I went to Temple University--like every black kid in the neighborhood we wanted to follow Bill Cosby, that was our hero.... We wanted to do everything he did.

Streetscenes: No Thanks

Melissa Byrne College of General Studies, '03 "I've been in situations where you've gotta hand out and be active at protests where people are actually organizing against you, so I mean this is a piece of cake.... I mean, whatever, if someone doesn't take it... it's not a big deal." "I'm not seeking their approval, so I mean, they're not rejecting me, they're just showing their own ignorance and their own stubbornness.... You're at this university--such a privilege to be at this university--either as a student or as a professor, and if you're not being open-minded to other people's ideas, then it's a shame that you're here because there are other people who could be doing and enjoying this place a lot more than you as you're walking down and like, being in your own world because you're better than everyone else." "Keep your mind open.... These aren't freaks coming out of nowhere.... Most of the stuff is all grounded in truth--it's the way you look at it.

Room: Five Pretty Princesses

Dan: Before we get started I just wanted to clear the air and say that yes, we are all eligible bachelors. So tell me about this princesses poster on the door. Andy: We woke up one morning and it was just there.

Streetscenes: On the sneak tip

"I started DJ'ing freshman year, like 1999 for me, that spring.... I did the same show that I do now, but it was just a little bit reduced, its isn't as big as it is now.... My show is The Storm [hip-hop, R&B, underground rap, dance hall, and reggae], usually comes on Thursdays 8 to 10 [p.m.], but sometimes I go in the studio like after hours and I'll go and, you know, make a little quiet storm, like I'll do R&B for a little bit, just on the sneak tip." "Sometimes we'll have guests in the studio..., like I'll put a beat on and they'll freestyle to it and I remember a couple weeks ago we had somebody come in and we had a freestyle, and we have Instant Messenger in the studio, so they would tell us how the guy was doing and we had two people, and one guy was real good and the other guy was OK, I guess, and the guy on Instant Messenger was letting us know about that..." "It's on channel 2, ResNet... and www.wqhs.org, we're working on it right now so we're gonna try and get some better reception so people can hear it on the radio on campus and off campus.... Watch out for us because we've been sleeping for a long time and it's about time for us to wake up and take this campus over like we're supposed to."

streetscenes: Between the lines

"[Angels in America is] probably the biggest production the Arts House has ever put on... I remember hearing the buzz surrounding [it] when it was going to Broadway, but being too young to actually know much about it, and by the time I was ready to go see it, it was already gone.

Music: Southern comfort

Seldom does a live-music experience begin with a feeling of stodginess in the concert-goer. Brushing past little black-backpack-wearing, social studies-taking fans, I found myself remarking on the good ol' days of '96, when they got big but not big, and were on Caroline records, and look at his new following--I'm sure they don't appreciate the music and lyrics as much as I do, the seasoned fan.

Streetscenes: Caricatures with pizazz by olympia

Cacky Calderon, Wharton freshman (left) "We waited in line the entire time for the caricature.... It was the two of us and also two of our good friends, and so she just put four of us on a page.
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