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Carolyn Grace


A Penn Student Walks into a Bar

Your fellow classmates might be serving you your next drink.

"Number Twos" Are The Shit

Penn sees a lot of work done by Amy Gutmann and other presidential figures, but what about the right-hand men and women who make the university great? These VPs discuss their responsibilities, rapport with their Presidents, and ideas of leadership.

Ego Improves Your Advanced Registration

Not sure what to take next semester? Street has suggestions for some pretty cool classes that you probably didn’t even know existed.

Essenital Penn Life Hacks

Whether you’re a wide-eyed freshmen or a washed-up senior, you should know (if you don’t already) how to take advantage of all the free things that Penn has to offer. From coffee to condoms, Ego’s got you covered on where to save cash on life’s essentials.

Dispatch: Penn Football Practice

Street does sports.  We hung out with the Varsity Football Team for a practice and saw what it takes to be a Quaker. (Hint: It takes a great playlist.)

Ego of the Week: Kalijah Terilli

When she's not stopping goals left and right for Women's Soccer, this Ego can be found belting Celine Dion, working in a neuroeconomics lab, or eating olives just about anywhere. All the while sporting her classic Penn Athletics wardrobe.

The ~Scandalous~ Side of SkimmerFest

SkimmerFest wasn’t always fun and games and random musical guests. The Penn Tradition we're celebrating this Saturday has a shady past, and Street did some digging through the University Archives to uncover its dirty little secrets.

Best Bartenders in Philly

When it comes to cocktails, these bartenders know best.

Penn Religious Leaders on the Pope

A Christian minister, Jewish rabbi, and Muslim chaplain walk into a triathlon... It sounds like a punchline, but these three faculty religious leaders teamed up this summer to bike, swim, and run to raise money for Mental Health. We chatted with them about religion at Penn, the Pope's significance to all faiths, and their dream religious world leader triathlon team.

Ego of the Week: Erich Kessel

Chair of Lambda Alliance and a pop culture guru, this Ego knows a thing or two about advocacy, art history and Madonna. But what are his thoughts on Smoke’s pizza?

Cool Penn Internshit

Still getting asked about your summer internship? These Penn students sure are. From LA to NY and fashion to politics, they went beyond the usual coffee runs and did some pretty cool shit.

Ego’s Guide to Quick Cash on Campus

Don’t have time for a campus job, but need cash for all those BYOs this semester? Ego has a few suggestions for how to make money on your own time

Surviving and Thriving without a Smartphone

Resisting the switch to a smartphone has been a smart decision for my social life.

Ego’s Guide to March Madness

March Madness still driving you crazy? Well it's winding down to its grand finale, but you still don't want to be that person with no clue what's going on. Here are some comments you can drop to make you look like a NCAA pro (without actually holding a ball). 

Penn (Fun)ding

Did you know Penn would pay for you to do some really cool shit? These students figured it out, and had some incredible experiences. Check the CURF website for funding application deadlines—many are due this month!

Summer Spotlight: Alexa Fecca

Rising Junior Alexa Fecca has spent her summer becoming a world class cinephile. From attending the Cannes Film Festival to working on scripts and movies at her two internships in Los Angeles, she's been busy.

Gallery Review: Shared Vision – The Myron A. and Anne Jaffe Portenar Collection

The couple that collects art stays together.

Interview: Ben Kessler

Fifteen-year-old Philadelphian Ben Kessler is probably already better at music than you. The soulful singer-songwriter has been performing his original music all over Pennsylvania for the Philadelphia Songwriters Project Winners Tour. Street got to chat with him about his early musical success.

Summer Spotlight: Phil Davis

‘ello Govnah! Don’t worry, you can actually say that to rising Senior Phil Davis. He’s conducting government research, attending policy meetings, shaking hands, and kissing babies (not really) at the U.K. Parliament.

Philly Mural Arts Spotlight

City of Brotherly Love? More like kickass murals. Those pictured below were done through the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.
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