Free Subscriptions:

Your PennKey can open doors to a handful of major publications and websites!  Penn Libraries and Penn Career Services offer free subscriptions to the following sources online. – For those of you whose last names aren’t Trump or Biden, do some research and find out if you have a famous relative through your free subscription to

Glassdoor – You can access a full account for Glassdoor via the Career services website to read former and current employees' salaries and reviews of your future dream job. Dolla Dolla Billz, Yo!

Netflix…Yeah if only. 

Free Food:

We get it, you’ll go broke if you eat at Lyn’s Food Truck every day for every meal.  So check out these unexpected campus eateries every now and then for free snacks and meals left over from catered events. Trolling for food is the only acceptable form of trolling.

Platt Performing Arts House - 160 Stouffer Commons, 3702 Spruce Street

Mark’s Café (around Midnight) - Van Pelt Library, 3420 Walnut Street

MBA Café - Huntsman Hall 2nd Floor, 3730 Walnut Street

Free Coffee:

Caffeine addicts, don’t waste your Dining Dollars at Starbucks!  These spots have free coffee on the regular, in every roast and flavor you can imagine.

Platt Performing Arts House - 160 Stouffer Commons, 3702 Spruce Street

Sweeten Alumni House - 3533 Locust Walk

Cosi (on Wednesdays) - 140 S. 36th Street

Free Printing:

As long as you BYO paper, these places will let you print without the hassle of Penn Cash or credit.

LGBT Center - 3907 Spruce Street

Platt Performing Arts House - 160 Stouffer Commons, 3702 Spruce Street

Free Condoms:

Promiscuity shouldn’t come with a price tag.  Three buildings right on campus are here to help you fulfill your sexual desires, and keep you safe.  Stock up, before you awkwardly have to knock on your RA's door for one at 3:00 AM.

Student Health Services - 3535 Market Street

Penn Women’s Center - 3643 Locust Walk

LGBT Center - 3907 Spruce Street

Free Penn Performances:

Many performing arts groups give away tickets to their shows to those who offer to usher.  So if you’ve been dying to see that one dance company or a cappella group but are short on cash, ask around to see if they need someone to hand out programs or collect tickets.

Free Penn Sports:

With the exception of Basketball, all varsity sports games are free with your PennCard.  Save money on a ticket, and spend it on alcohol for the tailgate instead.

Free Transportation:

Skip the Uber or taxi!  Penn Shuttles offer transportation to and from campus Transit Stops and West Philly, Center City, and Powelton Village, within defined boundaries. Shuttles run in the evenings seven days a week, year round.  In addition, PennBus East and West operate year round, Monday through Friday from 5pm – 12am. Rides for both services are free with your PennCard.

Free Movies and TV:

Need to watch something for class, or can’t find something on Netflix or Hulu?  Chances are the movie or show you’re looking for is on the Penn Video Network.  PVN has over 70 channels of TV shows and films, old and new.  There is no additional charge for the service for on-campus residential users.


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