BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Sean William Scott doesn't want to be known just as Stifler. In Bulletproof Monk, he tries to do just that. The 26-year-old became a cult hero with his role as Steve Stifler in 1999's American Pie, which was a runaway hit and spawned a 2001 sequel. A third installment is in post-production. In Monk, however, Scott plays Kar, a wisecracking action hero. It's a big departure from his roles as Stifler and in Road Trip. "There's a limit to how much comedic roles you can do," he said. "You know when you're getting fingers up your ass [in Road Trip], this could be a career-ender... I just went in there and proved that I could do it." Scott said that his role in the film was a chance to explore a different role and to test his limits in acting and athleticism. According to the crew, he passed those tests with flying colors. "Sean is great when he's playing that funny guy who's confident but makes mistakes," producer Chuck Segal said. "He was perfect for the role." It wasn't easy for Scott, however. "I got really overwhelmed sometimes," he said. "With Bulletproof Monk, there was a huge workload and huge responsibility... the hardest part was trying to be cool. I'm the athletic guy from Minnesota, I have no suave at all." Although he had a role in 2000's Final Destination, this was the first action movie for Scott. He also co-stars with The Rock in Welcome to the Jungle, set for later this year. One of the other reasons he took this role was the chance to work with Chow Yun-Fat, who he had seen in both his American and his overseas films. "He said one of the nicest things to me. He goes, 'You're a very good boy Sean, I don't want to hear four years from now that you're not the same person.' I was like, 'I'll never let you down Yun-Fat!' " The only remorse he had with the film was his relationship with Jaime King, who plays his romantic interest. "I was like the big brother," Scott said. "I had established myself as the nice guy who would do anything, and I screwed myself. I was like, 'Yeah, I'll go grocery shopping, do laundry.' " King, a former Revlon model, laughed at his admission. "I was talking to him the other night," she said. "He was like, 'I should have just tried to date you when I had the chance. Everyone told me to.' " As for Bulletproof Monk, Scott has just one request. "Girls, see the movie," he said. "I'm not the guy from American Pie"


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