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Eliza Rothstein


From Cyprus, With Love

Far from the Island of Cyprus, Kanella — a new BYOB located on 10th and Spruce — brings a breath of fresh air to Philadelphia’s Mediterranean offerings.

Heart and Soul

In a sea of egg & cheese and Chinese food trucks, GiGi’s stands out with its Southern comfort food classics and Caribbean specialities.

A New Stop On the BYO Map

Giorgio on Pine — a new BYOB spot where Valentino Ristorante once stood at 13th and Pine — invites patrons into a split-level space bounded by rustic, exposed brick walls and filled with warm lighting and the subtle sounds of Italian arias.

Se Habla Cantonese

During a five-hour layover in Lima, I had my first encounter with a chifa — the term for the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants of Peru.

Locavores Unite!

Even with the blistering winter weather beating at the windows, the warm yellow hues inside Rx — located at 45th and Spruce — can brighten up the chilliest day.

El Camino Real

Straddling the border between the Penn student realm and far, far away lies El Camino Real, a restaurant celebrating the unique cuisines available on the border between Texas and Mexico.

Pigging Out

What do you get when you cross a rabbit and a pig? A pabbit — the oddly rotund, long-eared mascot for Pub and Kitchen, a new gastropub and ultra-cool hangout spot on 20th and Lombard.

Bienvenidos a Distrito Federal

Chef Jose Garces’s most recent incarnation in the Hub building on 40th and Chestnut strays from his more romantic Philadelphia Spanish restaurants — Amada and Tinto — to focus on the color, spice and vibrancy of Mexico’s capital city.

Dawn of a New Empire: Philly and Beyond

Street: At Penn there has been a lot of buzz about Distrito. Did the proximity to the surrounding college campuses have any impact on the style of your newest restaurant? Jose Garces: Distrito was always going to be the way it is — the concept was not necessarily tailored for the university.

Recipe of the Week

With Rosh Hashanah behind us and only self-imposed starvation and repentance in our future, we can all take advantage of the holiday's ubiquitous leftovers: apples and honey.

Philly's Ultimate Outdoor Dining Destination

Jamaican Jerk Hut 1436 South Street (215) 545-8644 Take one step into the back garden of South Street's Jamaican Jerk Hut, and you will be transported to a Caribbean oasis (or at least, the closest thing to it that autumn in Philadelphia can offer), where patrons dine on Island Time.

Corkscrewed: A Tale of a Wine Bar Gone Wrong

Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro 129 S. 13th Street (215) 922-3095 The chandelier caught our eye immediately.

Editor's Choice

Complete reviews can be found in our archives at 34st.com Best drink: Razz Beer Float (Feb. 28) We were amazed that the beer and ice cream combination proved to be so enjoyable.

Cooking Club Dresses Up Student Dining

Stepping into the unofficial home of Penn's (almost) official Cooking Club would make any aspiring student chef feel slightly inadequate.

Not-So-Sweet Chocolate

There's a more serious reason to protest Valentine's Day this year than the conspiracy between the American government and the greeting card-industry (i.e.

Street Takes You Out

The rainbow has never been so trendy: we raced for the cure in Victoria's Secret Pink, bought Gap clothing and aspi(red) to fight AIDS in Africa and now it seems that green is sprouting up all over.

A History Lesson, It's What's For Dinner

At the end of the Taste of Philadelphia Food Tour, our guide Carolyn Wyman left us hungry, wide-eyed and smiling.

Can't Score a Reservation?

With Center City Restaurant Week around the corner, suddenly opentable.com doesn't seem so open anymore and power-wielding hostesses scoff at even the most desperate reservation requests: "Monday night, 10:45, for two?" Avoid the masses flocking to Steven Starr's playgrounds for the prix fixe, prix inflated menus. Instead of spending your Monday night arm-wrestling the couple next to you for table space, sit back at home and check out diningin.com.

Axis of asado

It's hard to imagine the marriage between frigid Philadelphia and sweltering Caracas, but Sazon Restaurant & Cafe presents just that: a Northern Liberties BYOB serving up homemade Venezuelan cuisine.


Fisher Fine Arts is like Van Pelt's well-behaved, socially awkward, yet pretty older sister. With beautifully carved red stone and intricate stained glass windows, its architecture puts all other Penn buildings to shame.
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