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Gabe Crane


Word on the Street

Don't get me wrong. This weekend, I had as much fun as you. The alumni looked successful, if unhappy, and the laser light show on the Green was uplifting, to say the least. But amidst all the hoopla, a discouraging fact slipped beneath our collective radar: the football team lost, again.


It was quite the scene last Friday at Dzine2Show's fourth annual fashion show, "Du‘l!" Ibby Jaaber was there with a beautiful woman, wearing a suit and tie.

Word on the Street

Lately, I've been cultivating my inner monologue. It makes it easier to cope. I walk to class with my headphones on, casting a misanthropic eye up and down the Walk.


12:15 a.m.: Stopped by a '90s party on Sansom and didn't know a soul. The hottest girl in the room held hands the entire night with some douchebag wearing a long face and a blazer.

Friday night dispatch

1:15: Three guys drink beer and argue over who is going to sleep with the girl visiting from Harvard.

Wine of the week

What exactly is dessert wine? A genre encompassing ice wines, port and sherry, among others, the term also refers to wines that have been fortified by additional liquors, the most common being brandy.

The Great Lake

At the southeast corner of Franklin Field, Dan Staffieri stands next to his car. Some people drive Porsches, some drive Volvos or Hondas, some drive SUVs.

A two-hour vigil with student radio

The outer room of WQHS is the most organized it's been in a long time. Rows and rows of CDs and LPs stand ordered alphabetically and by genre.
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