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Gabrielle Galchen


TikTok's Take on Love

TikTok can easily promote a fake lifestyle of endless smiles and perfectionism. Can its take on love be more authentic?

Penn Needs To Take Better Care of Its Student–Athletes

While Penn has taken some measures to ensure the wellness of its players, there’s still more to be done.

How Philly Is Stepping Up to Help Afghan Refugees

Local organizations are aiming to ease the transition for the city's influx of Afghan evacuees

Scientific Equality in the CDC

The CDC’s decision to include mood disorders as a risk–factor for COVID–19 reflects strides towards understanding mental illness.

"I Hadn’t Even Been in Philadelphia Before": Meet the Class of 2025

How Penn's baby Quakers navigated the COVID–era transition from high school to University City

Are Therapeutic Robotic Pets Replacing Live Pets?

In the digital age, robotic pets have begun to replace live pets as a form of therapy and companionship.

Brain Implants and the Future of Depression

Will the disturbing past of electroconvulsive therapy affect the success of a brain implant in treating depression?

Are Masks the New Protest Fashion?

Masks offer a sense of anonymity that is necessary in the age of surveillance capitalism.

Haitian Refugees: Pandemic vs Morality

How the pandemic has complicated the search for asylum

Unveiling Instagram's Toxic Algorithm

Why Instagram's promotion of diet culture is a reflection of a larger, insidious epidemic
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