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Gena Katz


Word on the street: Gimme shelter

Mick Jagger is used to having younger women fall in love with him, but my first infatuation was premature even for Mick -- I was nine years old. Jagger strut down the catwalk stage at my first rock concert and I was converted.

Word on the street: My little Runaway

The first guy ever to run a marathon made it 26 miles and promptly died -- not a good day for ol' Philippine.


As a clumsy person, I appreciate the art of falling. But as an exceptionally clumsy person, I am running out of locations to bruise or embarrass myself.

DIY: How to make Fashion week last all year

What do you do when the sweatshop goes out to lunch? Osh! Kosh! By! Gosh! Do it yourself. Even if you can't magnadoodle your class notes in perfect calligraphy, you still should shake it up, and do a little something creative once in a while.

Lego my Ego

God, if you are a feminist please do not strike me down with your giant field hockey stick. Because, I tend to believe that for girls, hooking up is a lot more about ego, and for boys about unhooking bras.

Play Ball

Turning Japanese is difficult. Even if you think that you are, you probably are not. Even if you really think so, you most likely won't.

Plant paparazzi

Ever since my bamboo plant "Cactus" was featured in last week's Ego section on "Best Looking Pets," my stalky companion has developed a little ego of her own.

Original sin

When Eve plucked the apple from the tree in the Garden of Eden so many spring seasons ago, she was hungry.

Word on the street: Heavy Petting

Woof. Chirp. Meow. These are common sounds house pets make. Or maybe we should ask the real experts: college kid know-it-all's who actually have pets at school.

How to: Get sprung

Ever since my parents found out about the Internet, and, clever elders that they are, realized they could read my contributions to Street online, penning my Spring Break memoirs has risks.
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