What do you do when the sweatshop goes out to lunch? Osh! Kosh! By! Gosh! Do it yourself. Even if you can't magnadoodle your class notes in perfect calligraphy, you still should shake it up, and do a little something creative once in a while.

There is nothing like being original... except for pretending to be original. Being your own fashion designer usually means copying someone else anyway, so doodle down these ideas.

For example, I like to iron on pictures of myself as a battered looking preadolescent onto beaters. Middle school is always a fun and traumatic conversation starter. Plus, it also makes people appreciate how far you have come since wearing baby tees with pictures of yourself as a rotund child ironed on when you were a preadolescent. If you can't iron, try writing a controversial statement like, "Urban Outfitters is Not My Homeboy," across your chest. If you feel like being really politcal, use permanent marker.

Call me a creative genius, but I also like to glue buttons to things. It starts off with a light switch and before you know it you're supine, teetering on the makeshift scaffolding you made out of your desk chair, obsessively supergluing a button-by-number mural of a 16th century Italian fresco to your ceiling.

Before your room starts to look like a life sized sewing kit, there are important safety and style precautions you should keep in mind. Do not get carried away. Like, glue anything to your cell phone. Especially rhinestones, the coal of the craft world.

If you decide to take a craft break and lather your hands in rubber cement for some good old fashion glue boogies, be careful of the kind of Elmer's you pick. Some adhesives do not ball as well as others. It may make it even harder to tear yourself away from your craft project. I wrote this article with my teeth. If you're still not sure where to start, try make some Street origami and glue it to your lapel. And flare you have it. Busy till lunch.


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