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Jamie Gobreski


Mark Paraskevas, a.k.a. Hadji Gaviota, Talks His New Album 'Captain'

Mark Paraskevas, stage name Hadji Gaviota, spills on his new album and what he doesn't miss about Penn. "Captain" is out Dec. 1, 2018.

Concert Review: Billie Eilish Belongs to Teenaged Girls

Her sold–out Nov. 4 show at Union Transfer bathed the crowd in explosive emotion.

How a Self–Proclaimed Coffee Person Came to Appreciate Tea

Coffee may be your go–to for studying or staying up late, but tea has its own charms.

Penn 10: Karis Stephen

Facebook offered her a job in Chicago. She chose Malaysia (and a Fulbright Scholarship) instead. She's also been streamed over two million times on Spotify.

A Very Philly Playlist

Featuring all Philadelphia–related songs.

Mental Health is Hard Work

My depression isn’t sexy; it’s hard work and constant effort. 

Fling 2017 Performers Revealed

The Fling performers this year will be EDM DJ Zedd and Tinashe


Philly's hottest eateries to up your Insta game.

20 Songs for the Class of 2020: Playlist

The freshmen are here.

Back to School Playlist

Start off your year on a good note
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