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Jon Levin


Teen films

On spring break, somebody suckered me into sharing a bed with a bronchitis-ridden travel partner and, as you might guess, I started feeling the symptoms a few days into the trip.

Wild ride

Two years ago, a car making an illegal turn struck 19-year-old Community College of Philadelphia student Melody Gardot as she peddled through Old City on her bicycle.

Crossing borders

It's their first show as an ensemble, and Elio Villafranca's Latin Superstars are playing Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia.

Word on the street: Nice cubicle, wanna fax?

Rejections never resonate with me. It's autumn of my senior year, and I just got word on my first job application.

A Composer Comes of Age

I almost feel as if I'm channeling music when I improvise," says jazz saxophonist Ron Kerber. Performing at Chris's Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia on a warm November night, his eyes are shut, and at the climactic moments his countenance becomes mangled.

Hanson: The 'Street' Interview

Street Music: How is your latest album Underneath different from you older stuff? What were you trying to achieve? Isaac Hanson: I would say Underneath is probably the most mellow record we've done over the years.

Hopping on the Band Wagon

Death Cab for Cutie isn't just [Ben] Gibbard's band," drummer Jason McGerr says, speaking about the group's lauded lead man.

Old man trouble

Any McCartney-branded album is bound to be a "big deal." Sales-wise, the quality of the music is almost trivial.

An exploration of the human spirt

Freshman girls -- they're everywhere, I swear to you. Pert, chic first-year lovelies: waiting in the stir fry line, strolling the salad isle, perusing the pizza; in jean skirts, tank tops, large, buglike sunglasses; exuding perfumes, floral shampoos, body lotions of melon, berry and cocoa butter.

Listening To Albert

It was Spring Break, and I had just gotten in from college. My parents and I were sipping Coronas, and I was explaining to them why I hadn't gone to the Bahamas.

Nice wurst

Ludwig's GarTen 1315 Sansom St. (215) 985-1525 Open All Week, 12 p.m. - 2 a.m. Kitchen Closes at 10 p.m.

Beyond Chet's Nuts

Natalie's Lounge 4003 Market Street Sat, 5 p.m.-12 p.m., No Cover (215) 222-5162 When I walk into Natalie's Lounge, all the way down on Market, I do so timidly at first.

Conspiracy theories

Jazz has long subsisted as an underground music -- an esoteric, impervious art form sheltered from consumer politics.

Cool Hand Chris

Are you a clove-smoking, beret-wearing, finger-snapping beatnik? Do you refer to your friends as "cats?" Perhaps you think John Coltrane is "hip" and Charlie Parker is "bad"-- in the positive sense of the word.
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