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Louise McCready


Let's eat in

Most won't exert more effort to satiate stomachs than ordering in, yet some Penn students carve out free time for culinary creations.

Daytripper: Vintage 'r' US

Take a trip to Old City (and a short detour past South Street) to sample some of Philly's best vintage shopping.

Rocking to his own tune

It's Tuesday night at Smokey Joe's, and 53-year-old Kenn Kweder is ready to rock. "Hey, you motherfuckers!" he shouts to a mass of Penn students.

A very special "Ask Louise"

Technology is supposed to solve problems, but its definition needs to be instigator of problems. The self-checkout line in the grocery store saves time, but not when the barcode fails to scan.


If Penn's La Terrasse lacks a certain je ne sais quoi, cruise downtown to Brasserie Perrier, Georges Perrier's Center City Asian Fusion restaurant.

Forget Paris

Here's a tip: when the French guy at Le Creperie knows your full name, class schedule and that you like extra feta, no spinach and a mix of the two batters, it's time to stop.

Diners of the world unite!

Being the sushi-eating, Cosmo-drinking Penn student that you know you are, when you think of the Rittenhouse area, you no doubt envision trendy stores chock-full of chic clothes perfect for you to outdo your friends on Thursday nights, swanky new bars and restaurants in which to see and be seen and maybe Scoop de Ville.

Cheesecake and chintz

Waking up slightly hung-over on Friday, you've got a simple choice ahead of you: go to class or stroll down to South Street and indulge in a carbfest?
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