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Michael Shostek


House of Cards Recap: "Chapter 14"

The buzziest, most binge-worthy and most addicting show of 2013, the political thriller “House of Cards,” has returned, with Netflix streaming all thirteen season two episodes.

Review: "The Monuments Men"

Frank Stokes’ (George Clooney) reflective monologues in “The Monuments Men” incessantly question the risking of human life to preserve a cultural artifact.

Review: "Gravity"

The opening credits of “Gravity” cautiously signal its central premise, that life is impossible in space.

HOMELAND RECAP: "Tin Man is Down"

Sit down, have some tiramisu!

B Roll: Indeed, Big Brother is Watching

What happens when bad reality TV reveals uncomfortable truths about the state of America?

MAD MEN RECAP: "To Have and to Hold"

A wisp of feminism re-enters the scene, as "Mad Men's" women contend with the shadows of their accomplishments. And, ketchup is still confused with catsup.

MAD MEN RECAP: "The Collaborators"

This week, "Mad Men" turned from its tone of death and despair back to one of adulterous mishaps and discontent, yet still subtly reminded us of the past.

Word on the Street: Red Fish, Blue Fish, Me Fish, You Fish

At the end of every day, I frantically hop into bed. The next day, I’m likely to repeat this routine.

Trailer of the Week: “World War Z”

The trailer for the post-apocalyptic film “World War Z” provides a glimpse into one of next summer’s blockbusters in which Brad Pitt races to stop a zombie outbreak from destroying the world. What We Love: Brad Pitt.

"Killing Them Softly" is Subtle Yet Engaging

“Softly” is a straightforward yet subtle spin on the crime genre, adapted from the 1974 novel “Cogan’s Trade” by George V.

Denzel Washington Soars in "Flight"

The opening scene of “Flight” commences the morning after a typical evening of drugs, booze and sex for Captain Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington). Following a tormenting phone call from the ex–wife and a quick fix of cocaine, he’s ready to pilot SouthJet Airlines’ 9 a.m.

Here Comes the Blah

Kevin James underwhelms in cliche underdog story "Here Comes the Boom"
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