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Mikaela Gilbert-Lurie


Election Reflection: Mikaela Gilbert-Lurie C'17

On election night, I watched America have a collective panic attack.

The Lonely Island Interview

Bishop White, a stuffy little room on the second floor of Houston Hall with portraits of old white dudes in spectacles on the walls, is an unlikely place to hang out with three of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Inside Penn’s Adderall Obsession

The Only Valentines You'll Ever Need

Spread the love, kids.

An Open Letter to Sad Freshmen Girls

Penn is more than rush.


Name: The Shakespeare Portrait Wall in Fisher–Bennett Major: English Hometown: Stratford–upon–Avon, UK Activities: Hanging out on the wall, side-eyeing English majors Street: So, you’ve obviously mastered the resting bitch face.

A Rabbi, A Rabbit, and a Grandma Walk Into a Bar...

This summer I was a middle aged rabbit going through a messy divorce.  I was a grandmother with a penchant for S&M, and bank robber who could communicate only in song.

Greek Life is Inherently Sexist

Spring Fling serves as a reminder that our social lives are dominated by Greek life. But why do we calmly accept a fucked–up system where men get to call all the shots?

Hungry Hungry Hippot

Try the pig penis. Tell us how it goes.

Point: Man buns

It seems like everyone from Brad Pitt to Jared Leto rocks a topknot these days. Man buns might be resting on the top of the most handsome heads in all of Hollywood, but not everyone agrees they're a positive addition to the campus manscape.

How to Rock a Groutfit

Grey cards, grey cars, all grey errthang.

How to be Sexy

There’s a time and a place for sexy. Your little cousin’s bat mitvah isn't it. Your 9am recitation isn't it. Your TA’s office hours might be it. A date night where your ex–boyfriend is going with some fucking freshman is definitely it. So, how do you pull off looking effortlessly sexy?
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