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Emily Johns


Letter from the Editor 11.17.2016

I have absolutely no fucking clue what I am going to do without Street, but I guess I have no choice but to find out.

Election Reflection: Emily Johns C'17

On Wednesday morning I felt like my voice had been ripped out of me.

Letter from the Editor 11.10.2016

On Tuesday, I woke up excited.

Letter From the Editor 11.03.16

What if all our actions had no consequences?

Letter From the Editor 10.27.16

So the Cubs are in the World Series. The last time the Cubs won the World Series was 1908.

Letter From the Editor 10.20.16

I’m going to tell you a story.

Letter From the Editor 10.13.16

I don’t know about you, but I have never appreciated Fall Break more than I do right now. Perhaps it was because I went on vacation instead of just going home for the first time in four years.

Letter From the Editor 09.22.16

Three weeks ago, Oz sent an email to a select group of freshmen girls. Two weeks ago, a group of girls put up flyers all over campus that condemned the email as perpetuating rape culture.

Letter From The Editor 09.15.16

Returning to the things that once made you happy never quite seems to work the way that it should.

Letter from the Editor 09.08.2016

I have a confession: I’ve never taken a creative writing class at Penn.

Letter 04.21.16

So, guess what? This is the last issue of Street for the semester. And, while that may good news for some (looking at you, victims of the RoundUp and presidents of Greek organizations), it’s a little more complicated for me. On the one hand, I have made it through an entire semester doing a job that is incredibly challenging, time consuming and draining.

Letter 04.14.16

I was going to write my letter about Fling. I was going to write about how every event is off campus, about how much money everyone is spending on the Pool Party.

Letter 04.07.16

So I have a question: where the fuck did my junior year go?

Letter 03.24.16

I have theme songs for everything.

Letter 03.17.2016

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I make post–Spring Break resolutions.

Letter from the Editor 02.25.16

Are you happy?

Letter from the Editor 02.18.16

I suck at singing.

Letter From The Editor 02.11.2016

This is the Love Issue and Valentine’s Day is this weekend so I’m probably supposed to write to you about love.

The Only Valentines You'll Ever Need

Spread the love, kids.

Letter From the Editor 02.04.16

I don’t remember what I did last weekend.
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