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Molly Collett


Seeing with your Ears: Penn’s Synesthetes

It’s Tuesday morning and Wharton sophomore Ayo Fagbemi is walking along 36th Street to campus.

"Hot People Looking at Art": Gorgeous Art and People at the ICA's Opening Party

DIY terrariums! Outrageous outfits! Jesus mixing electronica! Last week the ICA celebrated a new season of art installations with a magical mid–winter party. Street hit the galleries to check out the artwork. But mostly to see what all of the beautiful people in attendance had to say.

Important Beards of Penn

The Philly Face Blanket Jon Yeston Senior in the College studying Cognitive Science “The intellectual story: I went on vacation and I was reading a lot of Camus and Salinger at the time, which made me think that shaving was useless etc.

First Friday Spotlight: Galleries at 319 N 11th Street

Now that Penn social life is dedicated to psychologically testing the freshmen, there couldn’t be a better time to burst the bubble and head to the city on a Friday night.

Required Reading

This is the one week of the semester you’re in the Penn Book Centre. While you’re there, pick up the required reading for classes you won’t find on Penn in Touch.

Portrait of the Artist: Emily Lipson

Contrapposto: Taking a Stance on the Eastern State Penitentiary’s Art Collection

Every October, the Eastern State Penitentiary dresses up for Halloween. The prison in North Philadelphia’s Fairmont neighbourhood hosts “Terror Behind the Walls,” its annual benefit where the fortress–like building is renovated into a helluva haunted house.

4 More Art Galleries in Disguise

​Art on the Block: N 3rd Street

Think Old City is just more of the same Benjamin Franklin crap we get on campus? Think again. Last Saturday, Design Philadelphia celebrated the diverse artistic vitality of the neighbourhood with a street party.

Balls, Balls, Balls


My Home at Penn: Stephen Masso

Engineering Senior Stephen Masso made his off campus house a home.

​Spot the Difference: The La Colombe Renovation

Thank goodness they didn't mess with the coffee.

Taste and Vision

Art where you eat

My Home at Penn: Zeynep Ugur

Some people's rooms look better than yours

Taste and Vision: Art Where You Eat

Take your snacks with a side of eye candy

Campus Gems: "40th and Walnut" By McDonald's

This under–appreciated installation features a mixed–media collage of linoleum, stale fries and service with a smile.

Dispatch: The Museum Without Walls

Museum without Walls is a self–guided audio tour of Philadelphia’s public sculptures. On audio files on the museum's website, experts talk about each work for a few minutes.

Review: Rodin at the Arthur Ross Gallery

The human presence is this single Rodin-lined room of the Arthur Ross Gallery’s most startling feature.

Contrapposto: Taking a Stance on The Button

Art and sex.
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