Natalie Joy, sophomore in the College

“Hot people looking at art is the best.”

Felipe Gedeon, sophomore in Wharton

“I’m not sure how I feel about war as the subject of artwork in Harold Mendez’s pieces over here. I don’t know if hanging pictures on a wall conveys the brutality and suffering of conflict. It feels passive.”

Maya Arthur, freshman in the College

“I missed the official opening last week, but this is more fun because there are terrariums. I like “The Incidental Insurgents” on the second floor because it depicts anarchy on a personal level.You usually think of anarchy as being something collective, a mob mentality, but this shows the individual’s experience. It’s beautiful.”

Susan, Artist in bird/performance piece

“I’m here with the performance artist Lord Whimsy as part of the festivities tonight. It’s so fun, but it’s also been hard to see the art under my mask.”

Tiffany Valentiny, senior studying economics and German

“I took a selfie with the bird—she’s my Snapchat story! She was great, very receptive. I also made a terrarium tonight. There was a big queue outside the room with the plants so I got in illegally using Madeline Penn [on the ICA Student Advisory Board].”

Tim Crowe, Penn security guard

“I recently got a degree in Egyptology from Penn, so I prefer working at the Penn Museum and looking at the artefacts. This contemporary art. It’s not really my thing. But I’ll tell you what: it’s honest art. Did you see the wall of baloney that was up last year? Looked like they nailed up my lunch.”

Ashley, sophomore studying English and linguistics

“Oh, my favourite thing I saw tonight was a painted piece of popcorn on top of Harold Mendez’s tree sculpture on the second floor. I wonder what it’s doing there.”