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Paige Rubin


How to Survive Your Final Semester, From Someone Who Just Survived Hers

There are firemen in my kitchen right now. They’re here for the second time today and the fifth time this week.

Get Vedgie With It

Don’t be put off by the vegan label — Vedge has some of the most satisfying food in town.

Spanish Splurge

Jamonera is worth the wait and the price

Whistle While You Work

I promise I’m not a freak and that I have at least a basic–to–intermediate grasp on social interactions.

Word on the Street: On Being Busy

I eavesdrop constantly for overheards.

How to Survive Penn Squirrels

1. Stay Calm I once saw a squirrel here eating another squirrel, which means that these creatures are vicious like no beasts you've known before.

How to Be the Best of Penn

If you have no discernible talents or skills... but know you're headed for greatness.

Word on the Street: Just Let Me Go

You’re in the final moments of your last Friday class, waiting for the minute hand to hit 50 so you can begin/continue drinking for the day and your weekend can officially begin.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Nursing sophomore Yali Derman’s bags offer style with a purpose.

Losing Her Tour-Ginity

A sophomore goes on her first ever college tour.

Review: Horizons

[media-credit id=6664 align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit] Part 1: Vegan's Opinion As a vegan, I’m often asked what I eat, as if I’m on a rabbit food diet of raw carrots and lettuce.
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