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Rafael Garcia



Redman Red Gone Wild Redman aka Reggie Noble is a self- acknowledged jokester, who wittily balances ridiculous weed-aggrandizing verse with hilarious social commentary.

YouTube Clip of the Week

We are living in a bold new age of information.


!!! (pronounced "chk-chk-chk") hits its three-year release schedule like clockwork with its third dance-punk album Myth Takes.

Jonny Lives!

Jonny Lives! sounds so much like Weezer, a friend passing by who heard this record playing stopped and asked where this new Weezer single could be found.


Winterpills The Light Divides After the first few tracks off The Light Divides, the Winterpills' new album, you might think you're listening to the Dawson's Creek soundtrack.

The Safes

There is nothing quite so cloying as the sound of a completely mediocre album. The Safes unleash Well, Well, Well on the world with nary a regard for hooks or cohesion.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It's a motto that most aptly describes Sparklehorse's latest, a merely competent album that explores little new ground.
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