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Rosa Escandon


Dinner with a Cheri on Top

It's easy to feel bougie at Le Cheri.

How Jesse Fink Keeps It Sexy With the Heydaze

Street: So how does it feel head lining in Philly? Jesse Fink: It’s really exciting.

Penn Designer You Should Know: Jameel Mohammed

This College sophomore is taking on the convention of jewelry with his line, Khiry. From meetings at Barneys, to online sales, Jameel shares his fashion vision and goals with Street.

A Tale of 2 Tuxedos

There has always been two types of tuxes. Now we must decide who is the real winner: Formal Tux or Canadian Tuxedo.

Fashion Calls

I don’t dress for men. I dress for the occasion, my mood, or just, the weather. And so, interning in the Philly heat last summer, I wore dresses and skirts, which warranted attention from, SEPTA riders, party goers, sidewalk walkers. Really, anyone. Because I am a journalist, I made it a habit to write these unwanted comments into a journal. Here they are, organized by hemline, for you to understand­—to understand that I didn't wear this for you.

​The Real Brides of Penn

For brides at Penn, first comes love, then comes graduation.

Why Black Lives Don’t Matter to the Criminology Department

Saturday is the 150th anniversary of the Thirteenth Amendment. Sunday marks the start of Black History Month. Despite the days and weeks dedicated to remembering, Penn's Department of Criminology forgets—or refuses to acknowledge—the violent, inhumane treatment of black Americans throughout history. This week, Word on the Street brings you a story of a class that didn’t count and the implications of a seemingly harmless administrative decision.

When Justice is Shot

“A system cannot fail those who it was never meant to protect.” -W. E. B. DuBois

Album Review: "Four"—One Direction

Tuk Tuk Really Good

A creative spin on Asian Fusion, with a whole lot of flavor

Seven Artists Who Love Substances

“Hotel California”, yes. The Beatles, sure. Wu Tang, of course. We get it. Musicians love drugs.

Bar of the Week: National Mechanics

Where founding father meets hipster--because aren’t we all searching for the combination vibe of both John Quincy Adams and that dude who’s got backstage passes to Bonnaroo every year?

Bar of the Week: Venture Inn

The gay bar of your slightly more introverted dreams.

Top 5 in Philly: Live Shows

We all know that, during the year, you have to go to your roommate’s a Capella performance. But right now it's summer, you're obligation-free, and there are so many things you could be seeing that have nothing to do with the Performing Arts Council. Who says live entertainment is dead?

Bar of the Week: 1 Tippling Place

There are hipster bars, and there are bars that just happen to be hipster.

Bar of the Week: Spruce Street Harbor Park

Bitches, beer and beaches.

Bar of the Week: Dandelion

If you can afford the drinks, this place is dandy.

Bar of the Week: Northbowl

Because tater tots. All the tater tots.

Bar of the Week: Local 44

Local 44: the next–door neighbor you never knew you needed.

Penn and Ink

Student Tattoo of the Week
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