Where to wear:
: To a very hip party, or similarly, an early 2000s–themed party.
FT: To a ball, wedding or general time travel to the 1940s.

Maximizing benefit:

CT: The lighter the color of denim and the less contrast between the jacket and pants, the stronger the wall–of–blue look will be.
FT: Make sure your shirt is starched. Also, adorning the tux with bow tie or statement cufflinks only amplifies the class.

Notable red carpet appearances:

CT: Google Images crowns JT and Brit’s 2001 AMA black–tie ensemble as The Canadian Tux, but hundreds of country singers have given the look well-deserved fame.

FT: Everyone who has ever been to an award show or appeared in People Magazine or been married.


CTNot only is it more comfortable, it’s even machine washable.
FT: No one will stop you from entering any event, ever. The tuxedo oozes confidence.


CT: People will wonder.
FT: People will wonder if you’re in Mask & Wig.

How sexy is it?

CT: He’s a man’s man. He’s fought a bear, caught a fish by hand and he doesn’t have time for expensive things. He’s a man of the people. He’s a maverick. Give him a chance and he will fight communism. What we’re trying to say he is probably from Alaska. That’s near Canada, right?

FT: UGGGGHHHH he–must–be–a–millionaire sexy.

Tuxes modeled by Spencer Winson. Photos by Corey Fader.