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Ruben Brosbe


Modest Mouse

Three years after their last studio release, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank continues Modest Mouse's musical odyssey from where it left off.

YouTube Clip of the week

Any conversation about the changing nature of music in the face of Myspace, YouTube et al.

Podcasts killed the radio star

In the beginning there was Napster. And it was good. But one day the Recording Industry Association of America decided it didn't really appreciate people getting their product for, you know, free.


Land of talk Applause Cheer Boo Hiss At some point in any movement, the whole shebang jumps the shark.

Word on the street

A little after midnight last Thursday my mom called to tell me my grandpa had died. And over the past week, I've found it hard to know how to grieve for my grandpa, who we called Pater.

Word on the Street

As Valentine's Day approaches, I, like all men, agonize over what to get for my special lady friend.

As Heard on TV

The Show: Scrubs The Song: Martin Sexton, "Diner" Anyone who has ever kept the Garden State soundtrack on repeat knows Zach Braff's knack for musical selection.

Rebuttal from a man big enough to use his real name, Ruben Brosbe

As Valentine's Day approaches, I, like all men, agonize over what to get for my special lady friend.

The evolution of a theory

If you didn't know better you might think a three-month-long exhibition about the life and studies of Charles Darwin was irrelevant.

Bond is back and better than ever

Few actors have generated as much controversy solely on the basis of their hair color as Daniel Craig.

Pub crawl

Hidden between Sansom and Chestnut, it might take a little patience, or at least some help from Google Maps, to find your way to McGillin's.

Extremely loud and incredible prose

Described alternately as a wunderkind and a hack, Jonathan Safran Foer entered the literary world with his first novel, Everything is Illuminated, at the age of 25.

Clippin' it old-school

Tucked away between Chestnut and Market Streets, you might easily go through your Penn years and not even know Ranstead Barber Shop exists.

All that glitters isn't gold

For most of us, the words "pawn shop" conjure up images of Jerry Orbach or Ice-T tracking down a missing necklace that holds the clue to a grisly crime.

Family weekend, we hold you in our hearts

For about 10 years of my life I spent my summers at Camp Swig, a Jewish summer camp tucked away in the redwoods of Northern California. Every year there was this awkward transition period when I got home.


Give Me 5

HELL NO, WE WON'T GO The Camden 28 Philadelphia International House Wed, 7 p.m. 3701 Chestnut St. (215) 387-5125, $8-10 www.ihousephilly.org It's not yet that time of year for Oscar fare, so in the meantime, the International House offers a sampling of quality movies.

My kippah's cooler than yours

You may not know it, but you and the Hasids have a lot in common. At least that's part of the message of Israeli director Giddi Dar's latest film, Ushpizin. The film tells the story of Moshe Bellanga (played by Shuli Rand), an Israeli who has recently adopted the lifestyle of a sect of Hasidic Jews known as Breslevers. As the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot approaches, Moshe and his wife Malli are penniless and unable to prepare for the seven-day holiday.

Live nudes

Up close and completely exposed, the human body is far more fascinating and unsettling than anything even the most graphic science textbook can portray.

If Pacino were a deli meat

Two for the Money's greatest strength is clearly its originality. Honestly, whoever thought to cast Al Pacino as an aging, cynical, battle-hardened mentor alongside a handsome, naive idealist is a fucking genius.
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