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Syra Ortiz Blanes


Meet the Artist: Jameel Mohammed

Student always, fashion designer sometimes.

Art After 5

Tired of the ol' Smokes lather–rinse–repeat cycle?

The Philadelphia Art Book Fair: A 2 Day Fest For the Printed Book

A visit to the adult version of your local yearly Junior Scholastic book fairs.

Honoring Herstory

How The Colored Girls Museum is doing some of the most important, socially revolutionary artwork—one hairbrush and poster at a time.

Tales of Conflict and Resilience: A Lunch with Uzodinma

These are stories that should be read and shared.

Hey Wahl's Up Hello

Jason Bourne’s Burger Business!...wait

Santurce es Ley and MuralArts: When Art is Used to Transform Urban Spaces

How art is breathing new life into our cityscapes.

Praise for the PennSound Project

It's like Spotify, but for poetry.

Mask and Wig's Flight Club Soars

If you were an airport employee, would you rather lift bags, check in passengers and monitor airport security or tarmac tap–dance, rewrite West Side Story and drink in the confines of exclusivity?

The Men Behind The Mask (and Wig)

The Mask and Wig Club has been a hallmark institution of Penn for the past 128 years.

​Out of Context Art: If PMA Descriptions Were Tinder Bios

Need to spice up the bio on your Tinder/Bumble/insert up-and-coming new dating app you're using?

Love is an Open Door

Despite their validity, open relationships still seem to carry a certain stigma, an ambiguous nature that confuses most.


We selected a few awesome events happening in and around Philadelphia in the coming week. Get cultured with Street. 

2015 Fashion Trends that Need to Go

Polio, MySpace, Sneaker wedges: all things that should be left in the past.

Penn Imitates Art

Or does art imitate Penn? Let us know.

Talk Mummy to Me

Get some one on one time with ancient artifacts at the Penn Museum.

Get Handsy with History

The Rosenbach Museum & Library offers one of a kind experience with one of a kind texts.

The Art of Terror

A night at the Eastern State Penitentiary


Meet the poet who would kill Shakespeare (if he had to).

Don’t Keep This Garden a Secret

With its enchanting aesthetic, fresh farm–to–table meals and unbeatable cocktails, Talula’s Garden is kind of like that kid in your hall who had a 4.0 GPA, runs five clubs and has a social life... except you don’t hate Talula’s Garden.
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