Love good art, good drinks and good food? Then look no further: Street has the perfect Friday plan for you. Though you probably know the Philadelphia Museum of Art as one of the biggest powerhouses of culture and fine arts in the nation, it's also one of the most under–appreciated and coolest performing arts venues in the City of Brotherly Love.  

 Art After 5 is a music performance held every Friday in the Great Stair Hall of the main museum hall. The event presents international music every first Friday, and jazz every other week of the month. Along with live music from really awesome Philadelphia musicians, you can also enjoy the museum's galleries and exhibitions, as well as catered food from Stephen Starr restaurants. Think: El Vez guacamole, Morimoto's tuna pizza and Jones' Baked Mac and Cheese. Basically, you get really good food, good art and good music. It literally couldn't get any better.

The PMA began to host the event's precursor during the 1990s when it began to bring small ensemble classical and jazz concerts. It was part of the museum's efforts to make audiences more engaged with the institution's artwork; to make viewing art more engaging and animated. The program slowly became a huge success and continued to evolve until it was a formalized, weekly program every Friday evening.

For over ten years, Art After 5 has been unique and prominent component of the Philadelphia arts scene. As jazz clubs and live music bars have disappeared in the city's neighborhoods, the PMA–based music event has filled a much–needed niche which allows composers and musicians from all over the American nation to perform. It also allows for a really interesting exercise: in many cases, the museum will commission music related to special and permanent exhibitions to be performed during the Friday soirees. Thus, the PMA becomes a place where more than the arts and music meet: it becomes a place where music is created through artistic inspirations, provided by the museum.

All the time people are trying to find ways to connect with the amazing, rich cultural life that Philadelphia can provide. Every Friday, the museum brings nationally renowned, contemporary musicians to play music while you view art and socialize with other college students and Philly dwellers. What better way to connect with the City Brotherly Love and all that it has to offer?

Click here for a calendar that lists the next performers and events.


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