An Interview with Ross Clark by Patrick Swayze 34th Street Magazine, is a magazine perpetually under attack for "making shit up." As a journalist, I wanted to get to the heart of the issue and find out whether this weekly tabloid was about fact or fabrication when it comes to interviewing celebrities. Recently, I sat down with Editor-in-Chief Ross Clark to find out as to whether this little rag was just another example of yellow journalism or the real deal. Patrick Swayze: Ross, do you fake your celebrities interviews or are they for real? Ross Clark: As the captain of this ship, I am here to dispel one vicious rumor that has been circulating as of late: We do not make up interviews. OK, well at least not usually. In all my years here, I can only recall one incident where we did indeed create a fictional interview. But it was with Miss America. And the circumstances were extenuating - we overslept. So for all the skeptics out there, we never fake it, except when Miss America is involved. PS: I love your sneakers, where did you get them? RC: There are some secrets that even I cannot reveal. PS: What would you like to say to all the skeptics out there who doubt your publication's journalistic integrity? RC: Listen people, the Patrick Swayze interview last week was real. Yes, the John Travolta interview two weeks ago was real. Do you think we could make shit like that up? It's flattering to think that people think that we are that creative, but in all honesty, we're not. Plus, it's much easier to just spend an hour sitting down with some B-rate celebrity, then going to all the effort of fictionalizing an entire interview. PS: So basically, you're all just a bunch of starfuckers? RC: I'm hesitant to use the word starfucker, I like to think of us as simply critics constantly trying to reveal The Truth Behind Pop Culture. So naturally, we love any opportunity to hang with celebrities. We want to know what they're wearing. We want to know if their breath smells. We want to know just how big it really is. Oh and Ivanka, if you're reading this, will you please be my bus partner on our history field trip to Gettysburg? PS: So what you're saying is that nobody puts baby in a corner? RC: Yeah, basically that's what it's all about.