Just as Phantom Planet might forever be known as "that band with the guy from Rushmore in it," Boomkat could see the same fate. Probably best known for her roles in Britney Spears' Crossroads and Eminem's 8 Mile, Taryn Manning teams up with brother Kellin to layer throaty vocals over psychedelic samples and quirky guitar riffs.

On this heavily hip hop influenced pop album, Boomkatalog One resembles the love child of Nelly Furtado and Macy Gray, though never quite succeeding as well as its blueprint. Maybe appearing in 8 Mile gave Taryn the idea that anyone can rap, but lyrics such as, "I got crazy love for my Adidas / and my lawyer Greg Labidas" prove otherwise. Equally irritating is the excessive repetition of the word "Boomkat," as if somehow the listener would forget what album he or she was unfortunately playing. The album's one shining moment is the single "Wastin' My Time," where Boomkat abandons the typical overproduction to showcase Taryn's impressive range. If Boomkat somehow doesn't appeal to Taryn's Crossroads fan base, she can always settle for singing in Gap ads.


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